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The Secrets To Getting More Law Firm Reviews

Online reviews have become something of a gold standard when it comes to law firm marketing. Potential clients go online to find the legal services they need, and the first-hand information shared in reviews can be extremely compelling. After all, here are people who’ve already employed the legal services sought, and they have information to […]

8 Top-Shelf Digital Marketing Strategies for Law Firms

Marketing strategy for law firms has definitely changed over the last several years – and even over the last year – so how do you manage to keep pace and ensure that you’re putting your best foot forward? The fact is that internet marketing can help drive smaller firms forward toward stronger positioning in the […]

Google Bert, and What it Means for Your Law Firm SEO

Google has rolled out a new search query update called BERT that’s poised to help potential clients find your firm more easily. Further, other than continuing to maintain high-quality content, there’s virtually nothing you need to do to access what’s on offer. While Google BERT is hot off the presses, better understanding what it’s all […]

The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing for Law Firms

The United States has its fair share of lawyers in private practice – about 975,000, according to some estimates – and with all the competition out there, it’s no wonder that reaching potential clients can be difficult. Nevertheless, attorneys are not interchangeable, and your firm has highly specific assets that can translate into a good […]

5 Undeniable Advantages of SEO for Law Firm Websites

Search engine optimization SEO for law firms is the process of optimizing a website to make it more visible to search engines with the goal of driving traffic to the site for specific queries. It’s a fairly technical and time-consuming process, which is why it’s usually a good idea for lawyers and law firms to […]

5 Ways to Supercharge Your Law Firm Marketing

Law firm marketing has become more competitive than ever, particularly online. More and more firms are using sophisticated techniques to compete for those coveted few spots at the top of the page that get the majority of the traffic, making a comprehensive, professionally-managed marketing campaign a must for firms that want to stay competitive.   […]

Proven Law Firm Marketing Strategies in 2020

  In 2009, the legal market reached over-saturation, and law firms continue to feel the repercussions  11 years later. As a result, the competition for elite legal talent is more fierce, and finding best-fit clients is more difficult. This is an across-the-board trend that the majority of firms experience in one way or another. The […]

6 Ways To Improve Your Online Presence FAST With Law Firm Marketing

  In 2019, most lawyers and law firms can’t just rely on referrals and their reputation to bring clients through the door. Even if business is going well, failing to establish a robust online presence can result in losing out on valuable clients to your competitors. Professionally-developed  law firm marketing online can establish your firm as […]

Choosing the Right Law Firm Marketing Agency for You

  Many lawyers get to the point where there realize they need to choose a law firm marketing company to grow more but have no idea where to begin. There’s certainly no shortage of agencies to choose from, even when you limit your search to those that focus specifically on working with law firms. The […]

How to Reach Legal Prospects Early in The Decision-Making Process

  Reaching clients or customers early in the decision-making process is important in any industry, including law. In fact, it may be particularly important for law firms to reach clients as soon as they can, as legal consumers tend to invest a significant amount of time and energy into developing a relationship with an attorney, […]