Secret Weapons for Online Law Firm Marketing

We are living in the digital era, where you can find any information, product, or service you want, with just a few clicks. In other words, it is mandatory to have a substantial digital presence for every business and service provider. Lawyers also need to ramp up their online presence.


In fact, online marketing is now as important as taking care of your daily responsibilities. People are reading online reviews, client testimonials, articles, and blog posts related to their legal issues before connecting with a lawyer. If your law firm lacks an online presence, they will take their business to your competitors.


The only way to establish your digital presence is to create a robust digital marketing plan. If you already haven’t thought of this, you need to start planning now. Here are four secret elements that will help you create a highly sophisticated and far-reaching law firm marketing plan.


1. Be Sure to Stand Out in Local Searches


Law firms, like most service providers, are primarily a local business. Let’s face it, someone from Minneapolis looking for legal help is not going to call a lawyer in Chicago. That’s why it is important for your firm to stand out in the local online searches.


This is what a local search results page looks like.


Google Map Snippet


If your law firm features in the top three searches, you can attract more local web traffic and generate higher leads. To make this happen, you need to take advantage of local SEO, which is a part of your full-fledged lawyer SEO marketing.


Local SEO usually begins by setting up and optimizing your Google My Business or GMB page. Updating your GMB page will help you connect your physical business location with your online presence.


Furthermore, sharing online content on local channels like GMB and local directories will help you establish yourself as a local authority in your niche. Your customers can also leave reviews on your GMB page. These online reviews act like digital word-of-mouth for your business.


Make sure to provide accurate contact information on your GMB page and other local directories. You should also optimize your business description and other content with the relevant keywords.


2. Turn the Heat On with PPC


While organic lawyer SEO strategies like local SEO are great, they offer you better results in the long run. To increase your brand awareness instantly, you will need to use paid law firm marketing techniques like Pay-Per-Click or PPC advertising.


You can see paid advertisements appearing at the top of the search results page. With these ads, you can immediately grab the attention of your target audience. Google Ads is probably the best-paid advertising channel out there.


With this marketing method, you can create advertisements that will show up in the search results for specific queries or keywords. For example, if your lawyer PPC campaign includes keyword “criminal lawyers Minneapolis,” your advertisement will probably show up in search results like this.


Google Search Result


You can also run retargeting or remarketing campaigns to connect with users who have already visited your website. Your retargeting campaign might just be the push they need to take the desired action.


Just like Google, you can also place paid advertisements on various social media channels. Each platform runs its own paid advertisement program.


3. Leverage the Power of Social Media


If you think lawyers don’t need social media presence, you are mistaken. Your firm needs a strong social media presence to attract more web traffic to your website. You will need to choose the right social media platform based on your area of expertise and services offered by your firm.


For example, if your firm represents businesses and organizations, you are better off having a stellar presence on LinkedIn. With over 690 million members in 200 countries and regions worldwide, it is the world’s largest professional network.


However, if you offer legal services for individuals, you should try a social media platform like Facebook to connect with your target audience. According to a 2018 survey by American Bar Association, 63% of the respondents had a substantial presence on Facebook, while 36% of respondents’ firms were present on Avvo, an online community and market place for legal services.


4. It All Boils down to Your Website


Ultimately, however, it all comes down to having an appealing and responsive website. Every single lead coming from any of your online law firm marketing channels will end up on your website. So, it needs to be in its best form.


An old website with an outdated design and minimal or no security is less likely to keep your potential leads engaged. Make sure to add an aesthetic appeal to your website. It should also be optimized with technical SEO and relevant keywords.


Adding a blog to your website can also help you attract more web traffic. It can also help you add fresh and keyword-optimized content to your website.



Online presence is a must for lawyers these days. It helps you connect with your potential customers and grow your practice, besides establishing you as an authority in your niche. However, taking charge of your own online law firm marketing while running your practice is a demanding task. Fortunately, a well-established digital marketing agency like Gorilla Webtactics can help you establish your online presence. Call us today at (612) 470-9877 or contact us online to find out how we can help you.