Guide to Law Firm Marketing: Online

As we live in an increasingly digitized world, learning to navigate the tricky waters of online law firm marketing is arguably a much-needed skill. It can help you can make stronger and more educated business decisions going forward.Are you looking for online marketing advice for lawyers without the technical mumbo jumbo?

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Gorilla Webtactics will offer you straight-up “need-to-know” pointers that no other online lawyer SEO marketing agency is going to come clean and tell you.

So, without further delay, let’s dive into the world of digital marketing for lawyers.

The Essential Elements of a Great Law Firm Web Design

Law Firm Web Design

Google and other giants have the same problems with their web pages as most other sites on the web. 1000 people land on a web page and 900 of those visitors “bounce” by clicking the “back” button within 5-10 seconds. What’s going on with this? After years of researching website design for law firms using heat-maps (which track mouse and click movements) as well as eye-cams and extensive A:B testing some important wisdom has been gained.

The most important concept is called “above the fold.” This idea comes from the newspaper business where only what is visible in the window of the newspaper box will be read by people passing by. Therefore the newspaper must drive sales based only on what appears “above the fold.” Think about it: if a headline that appears in the window of the newspaper box GRABS you: the next step is to purchase the paper.

The same idea applies to website design for attorneys.

  1. Whatever is crucial to letting your ideal audience know they have arrived at the correct website to find what they are seeking …
  2. And tells them what to do next (known as the “call to action“)

… MUST appear “above the fold” in that area of the web page which can be viewed without having to scroll

Of course there are other elements such as where the eyes go first on the page that can impact the performance of a web design for lawyers. Ask us for the low-down on which color choices are most likely to grab the visitor’s attention and create the maximum forward momentum based on established research.

In short: if the visitor has to think too hard or hunt for your crucial information: chances are they will ever see it.

You can have the most gorgeous and expensive attorney website design in history but this has far less of an impact on your bottom line than the strategic placement of content on the page.

Understand the Importance of Content Marketing for Attorneys

Content Marketing for Attorneys

There is a plethora of online marketing tools for attorneys, which we will utilize to drive qualified clients to your business. But we are shooting an empty gun without great content. Google and Facebook are looking to see what people CARE about in order to serve up the best content for the public.

Chances are that your future customers are searching for information regarding issues related to the services you offer. Well written content creates trust and authority by delivering exactly the answers they are seeking. Google is watching to see how long each visitor remains on your page and if they follow through by clicking through to other pages inside your website.

Powerful forms of content marketing for lawyers can include having a company blog, YouTube videos, and info-graphics.

In the company blog, one of the most popular forms of content marketing for law firms, you provide valuable written answers to common questions in your niche that are being typed into Google. You can also talk about industry news and trends. YouTube videos are also a nice content marketing tool for lawyers because as a culture we have been raised on television and many people are not into reading extensive content. Google recognized this trend when they bought YouTube and will fast-track relevant videos right to the top of their results often in less than one day.

Info-graphics encapsulate useful informational points so that it can be understood at a glance. These images are socially shareable on apps such as Instagram and Pinterest. They also support easy sharing via Facebook, making them suitable for law firm content marketing.

Don’t have the time to interpret the intricacies of digital marketing for lawyers? Leave the technical legwork to us and focus what matters most, your practice. Click here to request more information?

Take Advantage of Search Engine Optimization for Lawyers

Search Engine Optimization for Lawyer

Once you have a large enough body of the content on your blog or on your YouTube channel you hit a tipping point where Google determines that you have the “best resource” for information in your genre and will prefer all of your future content over other listings that have not demonstrated as much authority. For this reason, it is important to embrace an ongoing content creation strategy.

Google wants to see that real people agree that your content is valuable. This begins when they see external websites linking back to the content you have provided. To Google, this signifies that you have valuable resources that are in demand. Part of this process includes the authority already established by the site which links to your information. A strong law firm search engine optimization plan includes negotiating links on high authority websites that are related to your own business niche.

The other part of search engine optimization for lawyers involves extensive keyword research to determine what information your ideal clients are actually searching for on Google. The information learned will shape the nature of the content to be prepared and law firm SEO elements such as the page titles which will help the Search Engines determine what your page is about.

Gone are the days of “keyword stuffing.” Using the same words over and over or purchasing a domain name, which incorporates your keywords are now viewed by Google as spam. The search bot has artificial intelligence which is able to understand what your page is about just from the title and “reading” the text.

The newer preferred SEO strategy for lawyers is to develop a strong business brand identity that visitors will be typing into their favorite Search Engine.

A successful law firm search engine optimization campaign will cause you to appear in the organic search results and will provide potential visitors to your site for years. The higher up in the results you get the better. The top 3-4 listings get 40% of the overall visitors searching the web.

But what do you do if you want business from the search engines right now?

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    Unleash Pay-Per-Click Advertising for Attorneys for Instant Results

    PPC for Attorneys

    This might seem to be a no-brainer. However, Google is charging top dollar in an auction for the highest-paid spots. It can be very easy to go broke bidding for this traffic unless you are confident that your law firm web design is proven to convert. Remember how we mentioned that 90% of visitors “bounce” off of the typical website?

    Even if we have helped you resolve your law firm web design issues you still need some quality-related content to get the best cost-per-click from Google for lawyer PPC management. Even though they are charging for these clicks Google still places a supreme priority on providing visitors with the best results. For this reason, they grade each bidding page with a quality score. If you have an empty or unrelated landing page the cost per click for attorney PPC goes up drastically.

    Successful pay-per-click for attorneys requires exhaustive research to identify thousands of “long-tail-keywords” which cost only a few cents per click and maybe searched for only a couple of times per month. These keywords often represent highly-motivated customers. Sometimes the more expensive and competitive high-volume terms bring in only “lookie-loos.” The fact is that there is no way to know which keywords are going to perform best for your business without scientific tracking.

    Our expert PPC management for lawyers tracks the performance of all terms as well as what happens after searching visitors land on the page to determine whether they become customers or not.

    Know the Intricacies of Social Media Marketing for Lawyers

    Social Media Marketing for Lawyers

    As we mentioned Google wants to see that other people care about your content. An important way they determine your value is through “Social Signals.”

    Whenever a member of the public likes your Facebook post or YouTube video: or “retweets” your Twitter post: it sends the message to Google that your content is valuable and wanted.

    What matters, even more in law firm social media marketing, is a two-way conversation with the public on your blog or Facebook page in the form of comments left by your visitors and your responses to them.

    Google is looking for buzz and news. For this reason, blogging is essential to both SEO and social media marketing for lawyers. Google sees it as both a publishing platform and a social media platform due to the capacity for visitors to leave comments on your blog. Major blogging platforms automatically ping the search engines to come back and read your website every time you make an update.

    Critical Factors Affecting Local SEO for Attorneys

    Local SEO for Attorneys

    The Google local lawyer SEO results appear near the top of the page and show up on Google maps GPS. It has become very competitive to reach the top positions in Google Places.

    In order to sort out the best results Google checks for local Social Signals such as links from local blogs and forums as well as references from local news outlets.

    Social signals in the form of positive reviews on Yelp and Google Plus are also crucial towards boosting your ranking.

    Many companies offering local SEO for lawyers rely on what are called “citations” which are listings on multiple local directories. However, the impact on Google is minimal. Too much of this kind of exposure can result in an overwhelming wave of telemarketing and other forms of unwanted business-to-business advertising.

    A better solution for local lawyer SEO marketing is a well-done series of simple videos that are done at your place of business. Videos can provide useful information and show brief interviews with happy clients and the business owner. Various videos can be titled with relevant keywords for your business and also embedded directly into your web page. Google will often display these videos close to the top of the search engine results and traction here can result in much better Google Places map performance. Committing to a regular program of video and blog content will rapidly establish your website and YouTube channel as the best resource for online information in your niche. That, in turn, will help boost your local lawyer SEO efforts.

    We are not just marketers; we are a digital marketing partner. We help grow your online presence as if it was our own. Check out how our digital marketing services for lawyers can help you grow.

    Engage Your Customers Repeatedly with Re-Marketing for Attorneys

    Re-Marketing for Attorneys<

    Up to 13% of the public known as the “early adopters” will do business with you very rapidly. However, the majority require multiple exposures to your brand messages in order to develop sufficient familiarity, desire, and confidence to do business with you.

    The first line of strategy for accomplishing this starts with re-marketing for lawyers. During this process, a cookie is set in their web browser whenever they visit a page on your website. Then for the next few weeks, your banner ads for lawyer re-marketing follow them as they surf their favorite websites reminding them about your value proposition.


    So, all your ducks are in a row. You have a great website with your critical messages properly oriented above the fold. You have created great and useful content and employed the exact keywords that your ideal customers are typing into Google. You have a great law firm search engine marketing team at work for you.

    But this is only the beginning.

    You must nurture each lead through a well-planned attorney re-marketing strategy until it converts into being a customer. How is this done?

    Use Adaptive Email Marketing for Lawyers with Automation

    Email Marketing for Lawyers

    Adaptive email marketing for lawyers with automation is the process whereby your visitors continue to be repeatedly exposed to a custom developed educational process about your products and services that continually adapts to their individual behaviors. The idea is to nudge each candidate along based on where they are at in their decision-making process.

    With marketing automation for law firms, each visitor is tracked and company sales staff is automatically prompted to reach out to each client at the right moments of readiness. The result is an optimal, high-conversion workflow without fruitless sales-time or losing ready-and-willing business opportunities to hungrier competitors.

    Here are some of the distinct advantages of law firm email marketing automation.

    • Nurture early-stage leads.
    • Hand leads off to sales.
    • Keep in touch with your customers over the long term.

    Remember, your goal here should be to accomplish much more than just sending emails. Make sure your lawyer email marketing automation sends internal notifications, scores leads, and even personalizes the content on your website to each viewer. Essentially, It should help you understand when your prospects are moving to the next stage in your funnel

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