Re-Marketing in Minneapolis - How It Works and Why Advertisers Use It

Remarketing is an effective way to re-engage with any visitor who has arrived at your site, looked around at your products or services but has left without making a purchase. Only about 2% of users will convert when they first visit your website. A recent Sale Cycle report notes that 75% of people who add an item to their shopping cart won’t complete that purchase during that specific session. Fortunately, thanks to the tracking code you have attached to your web pages, you have the IP address of the visitor, and you can place your advertising in front of them.

Codes, Cookies, Tags, and Pixels

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For your remarketing in Minneapolis, you want to be able to place your online advertising in front of these visitors who are now browsing the web, perusing news sites or watching YouTube videos. You can keep your brand top of mind by placing your ad in front of them to entice them back to your website. You can do this when you use Google Adwords remarketing tag or the Facebook Pixel on Facebook Ads. For both of these advertising platforms, you get a piece of remarketing code to add to your website. Through browser cookies, visitors can be added to your remarketing audiences so you can display the relevant advertising in front of them. You are also able to customize or modify the code to be able to target specific parameters or more defined categories. Conversion rates will soar when you combine your remarketing efforts with other targeting tools like demographics, location, and behaviors.

Avoid Ad Display Hunting

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You have to be careful not to seem like you are stalking a person with your advertising. You don’t want your visitor to feel like they are being chased across the internet –you must find the right balance. Remember that users always have the option of changing their internet settings to opt out of seeing your retargeted ad, so you have to make sure you aren’t spamming people.

Relevant Display Ad Remarketing Lures

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Based on what the visitor added to a Wishlist or abandoned cart you can send relevant advertising with special offers or free shipping to lure them back to your website. People who have already visited and interacted with your site are more likely to convert than first-time visitors, so these remarketing campaigns are extremely effective. Previous visitors to your site will click on your remarketing ads at 2-3 times the rate of a new visitor to your site. You can use display remarketing to show ads of the products that the visitor viewed. The average CTR for a display ad is about 0.07%. But the CTR for a remarketed display ad goes up to 0.7%.

Email and SMS Remarketing

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You can also use email remarketing for visitors who have abandoned their shopping carts on your website. You can send a follow-up email outlining the benefits of the product or service, alert them to a discount or special and keep your brand front and center. On-site remarketing is another highly effective remarketing technique where just as someone is about to abandon their shopping cart, you can jump in with a message to tempt them into completing the action. Then there is also SMS remarketing. If visitors leave the site, they will receive an SMS on their mobile phones. On average an SMS remarketing message is opened within 90 seconds of being received. For email, that number rises to 90 minutes.

You can also remarket to visitors who did convert. You can use the opportunity to cross sell or up-sell different products to them.

Google Ads Remarketing 

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With Google Ads, your remarketing campaigns go out on the Google Display Network which reaches over 92% of all internet users. You can target everyone who arrives at your homepage (can get expensive), or you can focus more specifically to increase your ad relevancy score, which in turn will lower your cost per click rate. You can get super specific in your targeted remarketing initiatives by perhaps displaying ads to people who have already purchased your product, and now you can offer a 20% discount on their next item they buy from you.

Facebook Ads

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With Facebook Ads, you can also create your Custom Audience that can display your ads to the relevant group. Facebook has so much information about people from what they choose to disclose on the platform, along with third party data, which can help you to remarket your ad in front of your ideal audience.

Staying Top of Mind & Relevant

Remarketing helps you stay connected to your customers, prospects, and visitors to your site even once they have left. Remarketing ads can help your brand build trust with your target audience by consistently offering relevant offers in your advertising efforts. These ads are extremely cost effective. For your remarketing campaigns in Minneapolis, you want to be able to reach out to people who have shown an interest in your product or service and invite them back to complete the purchase; thus, keeping your brand top of mind every step of the way.