Law Firm PPC Advertising

Optimizing your firm’s pay-per-click campaigns should be a top priority when it comes to your marketing. Client acquisition is the name of the game, and when your PPC campaigns fall into place, it means garnering solid leads with manageable cost-per-acquisition (CPA) rates. While every industry is bound by a similar schema, relentless competition, and the rise in the cost of keywords that are law-related makes efficiently running effective PPC campaigns for law firms even more critical. Fortunately, there are four essential strengthening tactics to help you find your PPC groove in 2020, and if you’d like to explore the matter further, the Lawyer PPC experts at Gorilla Webtactics have got you covered.


Tactic 1: Target the Regions that Are Right for You

If you’ve been doing this for a while, you know that targeting the regions that are applicable to your business is key to launching a PPC campaign that generates revenue. While isolating your keywords is imperative, if you’re not hitting your target regions, your campaign is likely to underperform. This means paying attention to setting up not only your location but also your target radius in Google Ads advanced search.


The fact is that no matter how dynamic your legal chops, it’s generally not feasible for potential clients to travel great distances to avail themselves of your services. By fine-tuning your target region, you help ensure that your law firms marketing reaches your target audience. While this may seem like a basic premise, many campaigns fall short because of an overbroad target area.


Tactic 2: Don’t Forget Your Potential Client’s Search Intent

When Jane Doe searches online for legal information, she has a specific intent in mind. Such intentions generally fall into one of three categories:


  • Informational – When a searcher is looking for information related to a specific legal question, he or she is in informational mode – and is likely looking for a landing page that provides more in-depth information on the exact topic of interest.
  • Navigational – The potential client is searching for a specific firm’s website, which is why these searches are often called branded. This does not mean that you have no chance of garnering attention in the matter.
  • Transactional – A transactional search is all about looking for professional legal counsel for hire. The potential client has commercial intent. He or she is looking for a good legal fit, and this is your opportunity to shine.


Each category of intention is obviously important, and your online content should address each separately. Neglecting any subset of intention can derail your transactional hits, which are obviously paramount to your bottom line.


Tactic 3: Remember that Compelling Ad Copy Is Key

Now you’re hitting your target market, but what are you hitting it with? Your ad content needs to stand out in the ever-expanding pool of competitors. You want your content to hit home, and there are several basics that apply across the board in Lawyer PPC, including:


  • Use your limited space to make your ad copy and target keywords relevant to your commercial offerings.
  • Focus on your potential clients’ specific needs.
  • Highlight the benefits you offer individual clients – you aren’t a legal mill; you personally help people with their legal needs.


Tactic 4: Build Landing Pages with High Conversion Rates

You’ve successfully led potential clients to your landing pages, now what? The goal is to guide interested readers to take action, and if your landing pages aren’t up to the task, you’re throwing good money after bad. Without successful conversion rates, all you have is a fancy backdrop. Don’t bury your calls to action in your landing pages, make them stand out and keep them simple. Prospective clients don’t want to enter endless details or to share private information – requiring nothing more than a full name and an email address should do the trick.


Further, keep your law firms landing pages personal. While high-quality written content is essential, don’t lose sight of just how far a short video that delineates your personal values and professional strengths can go toward building credibility and generating authentic interest in your firm.



Pay-per-click Advertising for Attorneys is good for business – Call now for FREE advice.

Pay-per-click advertising for attorneys is not a party trick; it’s organic to growing your law firm. The idea is to attract attention in your target regions; to provide useful, relevant information; and to convert clicks to customer action. These are lofty goals, but when you break them down into well-considered objectives, they are also very doable. If you’re ready to maximize your law firm marketing dollars, look no further than the pay-per-click advertising experts at Gorilla Webtactics.