PPC Attorney Advertising Goals

Pay-per-click advertising for lawyers is incredibly economical. Since you only pay when a prospect needs your service, your worries about sky-high costs per lead can officially disappear. At Gorilla Webtactics, we have three main goals for all of our PPC advertising for lawyers:

  • Produce An Endless Stream Of Qualified Leads
  • Lower Your Overall Acquisition Costs
  • Boost Your Attorney Advertising ROI


Benefits of PPC For Law Firms

  • Targeted Audiences

    Even the best ad won’t do a bit of good until it gets in front of the right people. Our pay-per-click advertising experts will take the time to get to know you and your law firm so we can help you strategically position your advertising in front of an audience who’s ready for an attorney NOW!

  • Affordable Advertising

    Simply put, delivering targeted PPC advertising for attorneys is a great solution for any law firm as long as it’s affordable. With PPC, you only pay when your ad gets clicked and with Gorilla Webtactics your investment will always be recouped in real paying clients.

Common Law Firm Web PPC Questions

Is PPC for Law Firms Expensive?
Contrary to popular notion, PPC for lawyers is quite economical. However, you do need an expert on your side to get the most out of it. We can help you in this regard.
Does PPC Advertising for Lawyers Work?
Yes. If done correctly, PPC attorney advertising can work wonders to grow your online presence quickly. It can help you connect with your target audience in relatively less time and bring in highly qualified leads.
What PPC Attorney Advertising Services Do You Offer?
From creating your PPC campaigns to monitoring them and setting your PPC bids, we will take care of everything, while you focus on helping your clients. However, the services we offer will vary depending on your budget, business goals, and other resources.
How Does PPC Management for Lawyers Work?
It is an auction system where you can bid on keywords to place your advertisements in the search results. However, placing the highest bid alone will not secure you the top spot. Google will also see how creative, compelling, and relevant your attorney advertising is.
How Much Will PPC Attorney Advertising Cost?
PPC advertising for lawyers is one of the best ways for law firms to market their legal services. However, as it is a highly customized form of paid law firm marketing, the cost will vary based on your project size, location, keyword competition, and a few other factors.
Is PPC Marketing for Law Firms Scalable?
Yes. PPC marketing for law firms is extremely scalable. Depending on your budget and marketing goals, you can scale up or down your advertising budget. You can also try it on a pilot scale to see if your attorney advertising strategy is working. You can take it up a notch if it is working.
Why Choose Gorilla Web Tactics?
We have more than a decade of experience in various digital marketing segments, including PPC advertising for lawyers. So, partnering with us means you are in the most experienced hands. We also provide regular performance reports and maintain complete transparency.

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  • Stand Apart With Gorilla?

    Working with a Law Firm Marketing Agency that doesn’t care could cost you… in more ways than one. Our firms consistently succeed with PPC for law firms because we go the extra mile. We don’t simply help you craft an amazing advert. We engage in on-going research to keep delivering you the most profitable clients.

  • 100% Plus, ROI Guaranteed

    There’s one thing that always puts our agency in the spotlight: our constant commitment to your success. If you’re not getting 100% plus, return on your investment, you can cancel PPC advertising for lawyers with us at anytime, no questions asked. Our philosophy is pretty simple, actually. Don’t pay if it doesn’t work.

Law Firm Marketing Reviews

See What Our Clients Say

Natalie Bymaster
Natalie Bymaster
20:09 13 Jul 20
I am really satisfied with the work David and his team did for us. They definitely delivered on the goals of our website. They were easy to work with and responsive. In the end, they wanted to give us a product that we were happy with and they did just that. Thanks so much!
Katie Lemus
Katie Lemus
14:02 29 Apr 20
Kind, helpful and professional is the least you can say about this agency. If you're looking for a long lasting reliable partner for your law firm marketing you can't go wrong with Gorilla Webtactics. These guys go above and beyond with their services, but more importantly focus on real results and a reasonable ROI.
Norseman Structures
Norseman Structures
17:28 26 Nov 19
Gorilla Webtactics was so helpful and creative in developing options for our business. They went above and beyond to ensure we were confident in our decisions and that we would be successful. Great customer service!
Erica Sullivan
Erica Sullivan
12:40 26 Aug 19
We've had, and continue to have, a 5-star experience with David at Gorilla Webtactics. David gets results and stays within our budget. We have weekly meetings to make sure we are getting the results we want. David listens to our needs and is able to deliver on them. He keeps our phone ringing!
Erin Fitzgerald
Erin Fitzgerald
15:31 23 Aug 19
We've partnered with Gorilla Webtactics on a number of projects and have even referred them to our clients who are looking for services beyond what we offer. David and his team are professional, responsive, and perhaps most importantly, provide law firms with real, measurable results.- Erin Fitzgerald, JD; Lexicon Legal Content


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