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At Gorilla Webtactics, we know that Lawyer SEO is one of the best ways to improve your client acquisition costs and maximize your law firms ROI. Our SEO strategies have been built on over 15 years of experience and have been proven to help hundreds of lawyers gain a competitive advantage in their market place. If you’re looking to rank better on search engines and sign more clients then we are the SEO company for you! Call us now for a free quote.

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More Leads

In one word, our approach to SEO emphasizes you. We leverage over 15+ years of digital marketing and SEO experience to ensure that your website will rank better and generate more leads! Our clients experience a huge boost in business as a result of our tried and proven SEO Strategies for Lawyers.

Faster Growth

In order to grow faster your law firm needs to generate more leads from people who are in the market for your services. That’s why our Law Firm SEO experts focus specifically on helping you rank better for keywords that will attract the right type of people, making it extremely easy to grow your firm.

15+ Years Experience

Working with the wrong Law Firm SEO Agency could cost you… in more ways than one. Our agency has over 15+ years of  years of SEO experience under it’s belt. We’ve helped hundreds of attorneys rank better and sign more clients with SEO for Lawyers that works.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We serve our clients on a month-by-month basis. Meaning if you’re unsatisfied with our SEO Services for any reason or no reason at all, you can cancel with no questions asked. This puts you in the drivers seat and always in control.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer all types of SEO Services for Lawyers from on-page to off-page SEO and everything in between. We can help you optimize and index your website with Google, get more legal niche related backlinks, become the go-to source for legal information and most importantly improve your search engine ranking positions for keywords that will actually generate leads.

Generally speaking we charge based on how quickly and efficiently you want to rank better and sign more clients. Since all of our SEO services and strategy plans are 100% personalize for each firm you could expect to invest anywhere from $1500-$5000 per month to gain significant results. Again this investment would depend on your specific wants, needs and goals.

In order for your law firm to rank better on search engines and get more clients you need to work with a niche specific SEO Agency who knows legal. At Gorilla Webtactics all we do is SEO for Lawyers. Our company has over 15+ years of experience with Digital Marketing and SEO. We have helped hundreds of lawyers across the country rank better.

When it comes to SEO for Law Firms, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The time it will take to see results will depend specifically how much you want to invest and how competitive your market area is. Regardless, we normally are able to produce positive results right away. Often times within the first month. Then over the course of the next 6-12 months is when you will really start to see your investment paying off.

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    Natalie Bymaster - Bankruptcy Attorney
    Natalie Bymaster Managing Partner at Bymaster Bankruptcy
  • I work with Gorilla and have been thrilled with the responsiveness and creative ways in which it has helped my business. I have used other companies before that promise, but didn’t deliver. Gorilla delivers.

    A.L. Brown - Criminal Defense Attorney
    A.L. Brown Founder at Capitol City Law Group
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    John Bymaster - Bankruptcy Attorney
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    Chris Jackman - Family Law & Personal Injury Lawyer
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  • I have personal experience with Gorilla Webtactics. I hired Gorilla Webtactics about a year and half ago. Since hiring Gorilla Webtactics, we have grown over 150% in 18 months!  Our explosive rate of growth is real and due mainly to the expertise of of Gorilla Webtactic’s people.

    Wes Scott
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  • Gorilla Webtactics is amazing to work with! I appreciate their attention to detail, accessibility and the way they treat you like a part of the team. They have my trust!

    Jennifer Rench
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