Law Firm SEO Expert

As the competition to rank higher on search engines increases with time, improving your law firm’s online visibility is more challenging than ever. Search engines are brimming with high-quality content, making it tougher to achieve online visibility. Currently, 95% of law firms use social media marketing, while 70% create an overall marketing strategy.

However, only because it is difficult doesn’t make it impossible. You can ensure that your law firm reaches the target audience by creating a complete digital marketing plan.

A Complete Digital Marketing Plan

Covering every aspect of digital marketing without a good plan is overwhelming and impractical. Therefore, the perfect thing is to create a complete digital marketing plan according to your law firm’s size, practice area, and goals. A comprehensive digital plan includes certain types of online marketing, which are:

1. Determining Optimal Website Requirements

Your law firm’s website is the first step in perfecting digital marketing. It represents your law firm, dedication, ethics, and success with clients. It creates trust in your potential clients and helps them form a personal connection with your firm. So, it would help to focus on multiple features while developing your law website’s design.

Tell A Story

Develop your law website as you are writing a book. It should take your audience on a journey of your law firm. Start by showing what you are offering to your clients. Then progress toward how you started your firm, your firm’s core values, and the clients you have helped.

Create Mobile-Friendly Web Design

Google loves mobile-friendly website designs. Not only does it promotes mobile-friendly websites, but if your website is not suitable for mobiles, it punishes you by lowering your search engine ranking. That is why choose a website theme that automatically adjusts to cell phones.

Secure Transactions

Do you offer online consultation on your law website? Then it must have an online payment option. However, not every client is willing to share credit card details due to online fraud. So, you have to build trust for online payment transactions by using SSL-certified transaction channels. Also, make sure to mention that on your website, or else people assume that your payment portals are not secured.

Fast Loading Speed

No one wants to be stuck on a slow-loading website in this fast-paced world. If your website has a slow loading speed, it negatively affects conversion and customer experience. Use a good web hosting server to boost your website’s speed without compromising on web design.

Enticing CTAs

Always use different CTAs on a web page. A good web page is filled with strategically placed CTAs on various points. For example, book a consultation, get a quote or book an appointment online.

2. Content Marketing

Content marketing is vital for brand recognition in your audience by providing relevant and high-quality content. Content marketing also helps in securing loyal and long-term customers. Lawyers can increase clients, conversion, site visitors, and search engine ranking through the website content. Your law firm’s content marketing can become successful by following these strategies.

Posting New and Refreshing Content

Currently, there is every type of content available on search engines. However, search engines prefer new and refreshing content to suggest something unique to users. Even if you achieve a high ranking on search engines, your law firm cannot hold it with the same content. Once content goes stale, you must post something new that doesn’t already exist on search engines and offers real value to the readers.

Article Posting and Blogging

Google crawlers and algorithm loves to index words. It looks for new and unique articles and blog posts and ranks it higher than previously posted articles and blog content. Therefore, make a legal blogging and article posting strategy. This strategy decides the type and topic of content and the posting frequency. Talk about the latest legal issues and give the audience and search engine bots something new and helpful.

Videos and Podcasts Promotion

Google is now indexing videos and podcasts to determine search engine ranking. So, it is better to devote a whole web page to videos and podcasts instead of posting them on another service’s web page. Additionally, decide the length and topics of videos and podcasts and make sure the content is unique. Another thing to consider is don’t post big media files on your website because it will slow down your web speed. The best way to tackle that issue is by posting the media content through another forum such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Guest Posts

As the name suggests, guest posts are blog or article posts of your firm published through another website. Most people falsely believe that guest posting is dead. However, this technique doesn’t work if your primary focus is to appease the Google algorithm. Instead of increasing Google ranking, focus on converting another website’s audience into your clients. That is why create content that people want to read. As a result, your website link in the guest post will directly lead them to your law firm. And as a bonus, if the Google algorithm increases your ranking, making it all the better for your website.

3. Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing helps businesses and firms grow by providing solutions to potential clients. Its primary goal is to convert a website visitor into a long-term paying customer through the buyer journey. The process follows these stages, attract, engage, close, and delight.

Work On Attracting and Engaging Your Audience

In inbound marketing, using content is the best way of attracting a new audience, such as blogging, podcasting, video marketing, hosting live events, and so much more. But whatever medium you choose, you have to make sure the content is desirable to the audience. The first step to achieve that is learning the content type your audience wants to see from your law firm.

Once you have the audience’s attention, work on keeping them engaged with your firm at all times. As most clients don’t hand out their contact information, you must provide a good reason to entice them to share contact details and engage with your law firm. To successfully achieve this step, you need to build a comprehensive client contact database.

Close The Deal

This stage is crucial in inbound marketing as it determines whether a client will convert into a paying customer or not. You need to nurture the client and firm relationship by addressing their queries and concerns at this stage. You must show why you are the best law firm and how choosing you is advantageous.

Delight and Keep the Audience Hooked

Now you have converted your clients into paying customers, but you must reward their commitment to keeping them hooked with your law firm. People like to be appreciated by service and stick with it longer if they feel the firm values’ their commitment. You can create exclusive memberships, free subscriptions, or send gift boxes to tell them they are a valuable part of your team.

4. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is an effective way of gaining new clients. With the right social media strategies, you can attract new clients organically without paying a dime on the advertisement. As social media is expanding every day, there are multiple forums you have to follow to launch a successful social media marketing campaign. Some of the most frequently used social media forums are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, WhatsApp, Instagram, and YouTube.

If you already have an official account for your law firms on those channels, it is time to utilize those forums and gain more followers. This way, you can attract your already existing audience’s attention, gain new customers, and turn them into future clients. Moreover, social media is one of the best ways for people to discover your law firm and get in touch with your legal experts directly. Social media apps have a direct message option to connect with the account owner. This way, you can advise your new client and then suggest they head over to your website to make an appointment.

There are two ways to reach your audience on social media applications: paid and unpaid. Have a look at which one is suitable for your social media marketing strategy.

Paid Vs. Unpaid Advertising

The main reason for social media marketing is to reach, attract, and convert your audience. Right now, you will see a lot of paid marketing on social media forums. However, you can contact your audience without using big bucks. You can do organic social media marketing by frequently posting, following new trends, and using trending hashtags.

Even though you can reach your audience organically, combining paid and unpaid strategies is better. This way, your marketing content is sure to get your audience. You can create highly entertaining and informative content on current legal issues. Then give this content a boost through paid advertisement. By promoting your posts and account through paid social media marketing, your posts will stay on people’s feeds for longer. Moreover, your chances of reaching all target audiences increase considerably.

So, instead of deciding on one social media marketing strategy, combine them to generate leads, drive conversions, gain clients, and increase web traffic. But first, make sure to research your audience to know the type of content they prefer and the latest trends they are following nowadays. Without this research, it doesn’t matter whether you are using paid or organic advertising because your social media marketing has no chance of success.

Wrapping Up

Promoting your law firm online on search engines is more challenging than ever because of the tough market competition. Now every firm is doing its best to rank high on SERP. In these impossible marketing times, you must create and successfully execute a complete marketing plan to secure one of the top spots.

However, achieving this is easier said than done. That is why you need a law marketing firm that knows every ins and outs of law and marketing. Therefore, connect with Gorilla Webtactics today and improve your law firm’s future by increasing online visibility.