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    How To Create A Google Review Link

    How To Get More 5-Star Google Reviews

    Google reviews have become a gold standard when it comes to law firm marketing. When most people go online to find a law firm one of the first things they’ll look at is their reviews. After all, people want to make sure they are employing a firm they can trust. This means you must always be work on getting more 5-star reviews. Below are a few creative ways to help you proactively get more positive reviews for your law firm rather than sitting around and waiting for them to happen.


    1. Reach Out To Past Clients

    If you’ve obtained a favorable outcome for a client and know that they’ve been satisfied with the legal services you’ve provided this client will be a great resource for a 5-star Google review. Simply reach out them by phone, text or email and ask them if they’d be willing to leave you a review. Once they’ve said yes send them the link that you generated and make sure to follow up with them and thank them for the review.


    2. Put Your CRM To Work For You

    Most CRM’s and Case Management systems like Clio have the option to allow you to automatically email and text clients once a case is settled. If not you should be able to integrate a software like Active Campaign into it so you can. Once you have the option to do this you can easily create a link using our Free Google Review Link Generator to insert into your text and email follow-ups.


    3. Ask Nicely After A Case Has Settled

    Once of the best times to ask a client for a review is right after a case has settled and they’re extremely happy with the results. If they’re truly satisfied and grateful for what you’ve done for them, there’s no reason they wouldn’t want to leave you a 5-star review. Simply create a link using our Free Google Review Link Generator tool and text it to them so they can leave you a Google review right from their phone.


    4. Reach Out To Other Legal Professionals

    As a legal professional, you naturally work with a variety of other professionals, including:

    • Forensic accountants
    • Expert witnesses
    • Investigators
    • Process servers

    While this tactic should be used sparingly, if one of these professionals shares a genuine appreciation of your work, an honest review penned in their own voice – from a business-to-business perspective – can be very effective.


    5. Incentivize Your Staff

    Your staff is in constant communication with your clients – they build strong and enduring relationships that don’t disappear the moment the case is finalized. These relationships are genuine. If you incentive your staff to generate reviews, you’ll have a much better chance of getting them. In order to do this start by using our Free Google Review Link Generator tool to generate a link your staff can use. Then build in a bonus program into your firm. 


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