With the rapid digitalization of the world, nearly every industry is moving online, starting a new war between businesses and corporates to dominate search engine results.

There are numerous methods through which websites can top the search engine results, and one popular method is the PPC (Pay per click) marketing method. Businesses from every industry benefit from this promotional strategy with the help of PPC marketers like Gorilla Web Tactics.

According to Statista Digital Advertising Report 2021, the Search Advertisement marketing revenue will grow to $272.5 billion globally by 2026. At the same time, another study predicts that businesses will spend around $87 billion on mobile advertisements by 2023.

Like every industry, the law business is becoming more competitive than ever. With law firms taking their presence online, the competition relies heavily on digital marketing methods. However, you can get more clients using a PPC marketing strategy and measuring PPC KPIs for law firms.

What Is PPC (Pay Per Click)?

Pay-per-click or PPC is a digital marketing method widely used by many businesses worldwide. For this, you need to learn bidding procedures in which you bid on specific keywords that project desired competition and high search volume.

We can say PPC Is a method for buying clicks and visits to our website rather than waiting to get organic visits through SEO. It allows firms to place their sponsored ads at the top of the Google search result.

Every time someone clicks your ad, you have to pay the bid amount on the keyword that the visitor searched and visited. Let’s say, you bid $0.5 on the main keyword “Family Law” and created a PPC Advertising campaign around this strategic phrase. Every time a person sees your sponsored ad at the top of Google search pages and clicks it, Google deducts $0.5.

If there are ten clicks on your ad, then the PPC cost for the ad will be $0.5*10= $5. If all 10 of these are potential customers, worth $10 profit each, you will generate a revenue of $100 on $5 spent.

How Can PPC Help Start-Up Law Firms?

Any business in its startup phase is struggling to get new clients. PPC can help a law firm to get new clients to increase their revenue, move up the ladder and become an evolving enterprise. It is also an integral part of any law firm marketing strategy.

·         Google Ads Bid Adjustment

Google Ads Bid Adjustments is one of the most effective AdWords tools to set up your PPC campaigns. It lets you place bids on your desired locations, audience, genders, and other parameters.

It also lets you add precision to your Ad campaigns by targeting a specific audience category. For example, if a corporate lawyer knows his potential clients’ locations, he can target areas where most corporate offices are.

This strategy reduces unnecessary clicks from people who won’t convert to clients and cost you extra money. Similarly, you can adjust the campaign to different age groups, locations, genders, and income groups.

·         Google Ads Call And Location

Google offers a wide range of extensions designed for different purposes. The call and location extensions are very beneficial for law firms—the first allows visitors to place a call button via your Ad. Visitors can click on the button from a SERP (search engine result page) to call your office directly.

The majority of the viewers use mobile devices to visit a website; placing a call button makes it convenient for the visitors to get in touch with you right away. The call button acts as a call to action, which is vital in increasing conversion rates.

Location extension displays your web and office address and phone numbers. It also provides directions to your office so people can easily reach your physical premises and your website. Both Google’s call and location extensions generate robust leads from SERPs.

·         Schedule Your Google Ads Campaigns For The Right Time

The majority of the leads for law firms come from phone calls. To get maximum phone calls during your working hours, you need to run your ads at the right time. Running ads at night gives little to no conversion, and you probably don’t work nights yourself. Similarly, running Ads on weekends and public holidays can also result in very few conversions.

Law firms that primarily rely on call leads can significantly benefit from scheduling their ad campaigns so that their customer support team can answer the callers as they contact you. Schedule your ads to save your precious time and hard-earned money.

·         Target The Right Keyword Using Google Ad Keyword Match Type

People who search online with the intention of buying a car have no interest in purchasing law services.

Understanding search intent can give valuable leads. Otherwise, generated leads are a mixed mess of useful and useless information, and your law firm wastes time and money on the wrong audience.

The efficiency of your PPC campaigns depends on your keyword targeting; the right keyword will bring you valuable potential leads. Your search terms can determine buyer intent: people look for specific information on search engines and other platforms that reflect their preferences. The buyer intent is more commonly knowns as “keywords” or “keyword phrases.”

If your target keyword is law firms in New Mexico, then your PPC campaign should be based around this keyword and bid strategically on this keyword show on top of the search when someone types “Law firms in New Mexico” or “Law firms near me.”

·         Call Only PPC Campaigns

Some users won’t conduct in-depth research and will contact any law firm they find, but these are few and far between. In other cases, the firm’s website is not very presentable or ready to use for visitors; despite that, the firm can still get call leads.

Call-only campaigns help you get call leads lacking a complete website. Instead of directing the viewer to a website, the call button leads the visitor to call you directly. This method is very straightforward for visitors and the firm. It will work best if you keep other factors like keyword targeting and scheduled ads consistent.

What Benefits Can Law Firms Get From PPC Campaigns?

The goal of law firms is to get maximum clients. However, we have to control the advertisement cost to achieve ROI quickly and generate more profits than the cost of PPC. PPC marketing campaigns are an advanced marketing method to keep the advertisement cost limited and create more profits. Here are the advantages that PPC campaigns offer.

·         Direct Market Targeting

You may work as law experts only in particular areas or are willing to provide your services to people in a specific region. In that case, the combination of local SEO and PPC campaigns is your best option. Through these targeting campaigns, you get more local customers.

PPC marketing also includes targeting search base queries on online platforms like Facebook, Yahoo, Google, and Bing. PPC campaigns give you the luxury of targeting your desired audience anywhere.

·         Quick Results

Websites that depend on SEO to rank have to be patient. SEO takes time to rank your website and give organic views, but PPC ads boost your website and provide fast promising results in both the short and long term.

PPC ads are a quick way to bring traffic to your website. You can run ads as long as you want, and in the meantime, slow but long-term SEO gives your progress a steady momentum. Once SEO brings a good amount of traffic, you can decrease your PPC efforts; this strategy effectively ranks your website quickly, gets immediate traffic, and saves PPC spent in the long run.

·         Create Customized Budgets

PPC gives you the freedom to adjust your advertisement budget. These ads are versatile due to the vast options to set up your campaigns according to different demographic structures.

Higher PPC spent can get you higher reaches, but errors in PPC marketing campaigns can also result in spending a good amount of money on the wrong keywords and audience. It’s better to get help from PPC professionals like Gorilla WebTactics, who know how to generate maximum output with limited input.

·         Get Valuable Client Leads

PPC not only brings leads, but the demographic targeting feature brings leads with a high customer conversion rate. The right marketing strategy makes your website show on top of search engine page results.

Google receives the fees from PPC bidding, while the customer gets the services and you get the client; it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Why Is The CTR (Click Through Rate) Of My PPC Campaign Down?

There can be one of many reasons way why your PPC campaign management is not performing well

  1. You are not targeting the right keywords. You can be targeting the wrong keywords that do not match buyer intent. As we discussed earlier, targeting the wrong keywords wastes your time and the bidding amount spent on that keyword.
  2. You have included too many keywords. Adding too many keywords to your ad group can make the campaign ineffective. Add no more than 3 to 4 keywords; sometimes, one keyword is enough.
  3. You are running a test on your Ads. One possibility is that you are only running one set of ads and always have more than one ad group vying with each other to find which approach is practical.
  4. Poor landing pages. A poorly designed landing page (or website) can also be a reason for failing to impress your visitors.

Why My Conversion Rate Is Down?

Like CTR, there are many reasons a conversion rate may be low.

  1. Your website is not optimized. SEO helps rank your website and brings in organic traffic, but a poorly optimized website has low chances of ranking in SERP.
  2. Poor design. A website that doesn’t leave a good impression on its viewers never plays its role in increasing conversion rates.
  3. Your website is not mobile compatible. Many users open websites on their mobile phones. If the website is not mobile compatible, you will likely face a significant decrease in conversion rates.
  4. Difficult navigation. Unclear navigation is also a reason for reduced conversion rates.

PPC Tactics to Strengthen Your PPC Efforts

PPC tactics help in increasing the output while keeping the minimum input.

1.      Create Different Ad Groups

Use different keywords and audience targeting tactics to test the ad campaigns. This tactic shows which data set is valuable in saving cost and time.

2.      Identify Your Parameters

Conduct deep analyses of which demographic parameters you want to target so that they can bring valuable leads.

3.      Use Extensions

Earlier, we have discussed a few extensions, such as call buttons. These extensions help massively in creating PPC advertisements.

4.      Use Attractive Ad Copy

Content has a significant impact on the customer conversion ratio. A vital conversion tool is creating ad copy with compelling optimized, attractive, and persuasive content. A well-optimized and written ad copy is an effective PPC tactic. Another crucial part of your ad copy is a CTA; that allows visitors to reach you immediately.

Boost Your Revenue With the Help Of PPC Marketing Efforts

Every law firm needs PPC marketing because the leads it generates build revenue and brings good ROIs for law firms. We understand that lawyers are occupied with providing services to their clients and that advertisements and marketing strategies do not need to be their forte.

Leave your PPC needs to Gorilla WebTactics; visit our website today and give us a call to benefit from our services.