Out of Office Responder for Lawyers Template Samples

In the realm of legal services, establishing clear communication lines—even when you are unavailable—is paramount. This practice not only demonstrates professionalism but also safeguards your peace of mind during absences.

For legal professionals aiming to disconnect genuinely during time away without compromising client support, refining your OOO auto-responder is a strategic move.

It allows for uninterrupted focus on strategic tasks that require your full attention.

Here’s a free Out of Office Template for Lawyers —based on the one my clients frequently “steal”—for you to customize to your law firm.


[Free Template] A Refined Out of Office Responder for Lawyers


[SUBJECT] Limited Email Availability —

Thank you for reaching out! I am in meetings on Thursday and Friday.

  1. For existing clients facing urgent legal matters, please text or call me at <number>. I will ensure to respond during my next available break.
  2. If you’re a current client with a non-emergency situation, I’ll follow up by EOD Monday.
  3. If you are seeking legal consultation to address a specific challenge, kindly direct your query to my assistant. We are currently scheduling new client consultations starting <date>.
  4. Interested in learning more about [specific legal solution]? Join me at my upcoming seminar on <date>. Additional details can be found here.

Expect a response from me by Monday or Tuesday. Thank you for your understanding.

–Automated Lawyer


Let’s look at why the template works.


Dissecting why this Out of Office Responder for Lawyers works

  • It prioritizes meeting the immediate needs of the sender by setting clear expectations.
  • It directs individuals to alternative solutions, such as urgent contact methods, booking a future appointment, or attending an informative seminar for potential clients.
  • It categorizes responses based on the urgency and relationship with the client, ensuring priority matters are addressed swiftly.
  • It subtly informs the sender how they benefit from your temporary unavailability, when applicable.
  • The return date is prominently displayed, acknowledging the primary concern for most.
  • Including mentions of services not yet utilized by the current client, like seminars or special consultations, can aid in broadening your engagement with them.
  • Responding to a message while your OOO is active subtly emphasizes the sender’s importance, reinforcing your commitment even during breaks.
  • Hyperlinks to additional resources or events offer an avenue for further engagement without necessitating immediate interaction.

Consider how this template might be adapted to your specific legal practice and how to involve your team in its implementation.


Why It’s Better Than Your Current Auto-Responder

Imagine yourself in the shoes of the person reaching out. They are looking for expertise, guidance, or resolution.

  • Prospective clients seek accessibility.
  • Existing clients expect prompt responses.

Rather than a generic “I am unavailable until X date,” this template offers actionable alternatives, manages expectations, and introduces a personal touch.

For extended absences, incorporating a call-to-action for senders to reach out again in the future can be a strategic move.


Sample Subject Lines & Intros

Personalizing your OOO message starts with creative subject lines and introductions. Here are some suggestions:


Sample Subject Lines:

  • Attending [Legal Conference/Workshop] until <date>
  • Limited Email Availability until <date>
  • [Out of Office / In Court / At a Retreat] until <date>
  • Unavailable due to Family Emergency
  • Traveling for Legal Research until <date>
  • On [Maternity/Paternity] Leave until <date>


Introduction Examples:

  • “Thank you for your message! I am currently out of the office until <return date>, attending a legal conference.”
  • “Currently participating in a silent retreat until <return date>—a first for me. More details upon my return.”
  • “Greetings! I am away on vacation until <return date>, exploring [destination].”

Adapting your OOO message to reflect current activities enhances clarity and maintains a connection with your clients and colleagues.


Question? How will you refine your Out of Office auto-responder based on my out of office responder template for lawyers?