Minimalist Law Firm Web Design

Minimalism is not a new concept. In the world of art, music, and other professions, the minimalism movement took root in the late 1960s. It focuses on extreme simplicity of elements to express or convey the message. Recently, however, it has also found application in the web designing domain.


As a minimalist design focuses only on the most essential elements, it is one of the best law firm web design approaches. In fact, it provides you with the perfect opportunity to create a mobile-friendly and aesthetically-pleasing website.


Here are six benefits of minimalist law firm web design you should know about.


1. Faster Loading Speed


Page loading time is one of the most critical factors that can make or break the success of your law firm marketing efforts. If your website loads faster, users are more likely to keep browsing, increasing the chances of conversions. If not, they will leave immediately and probably never return.


According to the analysis of 5 million desktop and mobile pages by Backlinko, the average page loading speed for a web page is 10.3 seconds on desktop and 27.3 seconds on mobile, which is far more than the ideal loading speed.


It is, however, possible to cut down the loading speed with a minimalist web design as it has fewer webpage elements. Fewer elements allow the pages to load faster, making sure the users start interacting with your site quickly.


2. Less Distractions for Users


When it comes to law firm web design, the content is the most important part of a website. As the minimalist design focuses on important elements, it gets rid of all the distractions. There are no popups or graphic elements interfering with user interaction.


Also, the minimal use of background colors, images, and graphics help highlight your content. Thus, the minimalist approach makes it easier for users to focus on your content. If the content on your website is concise and informative, users are more likely to take the desired action.


3. Easy Navigation


Having fewer elements not only eliminates distractions, but also makes your website more organized. This, in turn, helps improve your navigation. Easier navigation allows users to find the desired information quickly.


For example, many websites have a main menu that often looks drowned in a background overflowing with videos, animation, graphics, images, and colors. A minimalist law firm web design, however, takes the exact opposite approach. The ample use of white space helps your main menu as well as other important navigation elements to stand out.


4. Sophisticated and Professional Design


The generous use of whitespace also lends a sophisticated and professional look to your website, which is an important consideration when designing websites for lawyers.


Unfortunately, in their attempt to create an attractive website, designers often tend to overuse different colors and textures. As a result, all the virtual elements on your website keep fighting for users’ attention.


A minimalist web design, on the other hand, reduces this clutter and uses textures, fonts, and images that look professional. The sophisticated design can keep your potential customers on your website longer, while also sparing you expenses for additional design elements.


It is also less likely to look outdated as a minimalist design uses sharp images, eye-catching color pallets, and the right typography. As a result, the design has a longer life compared to a highly cluttered look.


5. Lower Maintenance


As you may already know, creating a website is not a one-time deal. It requires regular update and maintenance.


For example, most law firm websites have a media and/or a blog section. While the media section publishes important achievements and news, the blog offers informative insights on various legal niches. Many websites also need to add new landing pages, depending on the law firm marketing campaigns. All these sections need to be updated constantly, which is time consuming.


In other words, having a website jam packed with a ton of features will require you to pay higher maintenance costs. A minimalist law firm web design, however, has fewer design elements. So, it takes less time and money to add new pages or content to the site.


6. SEO-Friendly


Your website also needs to be optimized to make your law firm SEO strategies more successful. Fortunately, search engines like Google often find it easier to crawl sites with a minimalist web design.


As this designing approach cuts down the clutter and focuses only on the important elements, search engines can quickly identify the critical and relevant elements on your website. It also increases page loading speed, which is a critical SEO booster.


Furthermore, minimalist web design creates a website that is focused on factors that improve user experience such as easy navigation, less distractions, increased content readability, and a professional look. All these factors also help boost your SEO.


Wrap Up


The concept of minimalist web design has been around for some time now. Hopefully, these six arguments in favor of minimalism will encourage you to consider this designing approach for your law firm web design. Gorilla Webtactics, a leading law firm SEO and web designing firm can help you build the most beautiful minimalist website that will never go out of style. Talk to us on (612) 400-8253 or contact us online to get competitively-priced web designing and SEO solutions under one roof.