Long Tail Keywords for Lawyer PPC

In the increasingly crowded digital space, Pay-Per-Click or PPC advertising will help you cut through the clutter and reach out to your target audience. According to Statista, in 2019, search advertising spending stood at nearly $106.5 billion worldwide. This amount is projected to grow to about $132 billion by 2022.


Running successful PPC campaigns, however, is a challenging process. If your lawyer PPC marketing strategy fails, you will not only end up exhausting your budget but also miss the opportunity to improve your brand awareness quickly. Long-tail keywords are one of the best ways to ensure the success of your PPC.


These are specific search phrases that people use to look for products and services online. These search terms often comprise the largest chunk of online searches, making them essential in not only organic but also paid SEO like PPC. In fact, long-tail keywords present you with the unique opportunity to boost your PPC ROI.


Here’s why long-tail keywords might be the missing piece of the puzzle your PPC needs.


1. Less Competition


One of the primary benefits of long-tail keywords is lower competition. Long-tail keywords are usually specific search terms. So, unlike generic or short-tail keywords, they often have less competition.


Take a look at the following search results. As the length of the search term increases, the number of search results (search volume) starts dropping significantly. In other words, the competition goes down as the keyword length increases.


  • Lawyer in Minneapolis: 21,50,00,000
  • Criminal Lawyer in Minneapolis: 75,40,000
  • Forgery Criminal Lawyer in Minneapolis: 14,60,000


Keyword Volume in the Google SERP


Owing to their low volume, most marketers won’t bother using long-tail keywords for lawyer PPC campaigns.


However, if you choose to use long-tail keywords, you will face much less competition. This, in turn, will help you use your PPC budget more efficiently, get better ROI for every dollar you spend, and rank easily due to less competition.


2. Aligned with Voice Search


From ordering a pizza to calling an Uber, voice search technology is allowing people to interact with the Web hands-free. With the introduction of various voice assistants and smart speakers like Siri, Google Assistant, Google Home, Cortana, and Amazon Alexa, voice search is growing rapidly.


According to Statista, the global smart speaker market was valued at $11.9 billion in 2019. By 2025, it is expected to grow to over $35.5 billion. The growing influence of voice search, however, is also changing the keyword search dynamics. Voice search queries are significantly longer than text-based search.


In other words, voice search queries are similar to long-tail keywords. Incorporating long-tail keywords in your PPC advertising for lawyers will increase your chances of showing up in voice search. Thus, people using voice assistants on their phones and smart speakers at home or office will be able to see your advertisements when interacting with the Web.


3. Lower PPC Costs


If you have used PPC before, you know that Google Ads charges you based on the demand for the keyword. In short, generic keywords with higher search volume and higher demand will have higher Cost-Per-Click (CPC).


On the other hand, keywords with lower competition will have lower CPC. So, using long-tail keywords will free up more of your PPC budget. You will be able to target more long-tail keywords without having to increase your PPC budget.


However, you do need to identify and choose the right long-tail keywords carefully. People using these keywords have already made up their mind to buy a particular product or service. So, you get only one shot to impress potential customers and encourage them to take the desired action.


4. More Targeted Than Broad Search Terms


While short-tail keywords are more popular for PPC, they often have lower conversion rates. Most people using a generic search term are usually looking for more information on the topic. As a result, they will click your ads, but won’t convert immediately. Plus, due to the higher number of clicks, you will end up exhausting your PPC budget.


Long-tail keywords, however, are highly targeted. With these keywords, you are targeting people who are already in the conversion stage of the sales funnel. They have already done their research and are ready to make the purchase. Thus, with long-tail keywords, your lawyer PPC will have higher conversions.


Furthermore, the conversions resulting from these keywords are also more cost-effective compared to broad search terms. Also, advertisements with longer search terms often tend to grab higher positions in the search results compared to short-tail keywords. This means, with long-tail keywords, you will be able to attract more Web traffic to your website.




As you can see, long-tail keywords can help boost your lawyer PPC significantly. They are highly specific, have lower search volume, higher conversion rate, lower CPC, and higher relevance to voice search. However, identifying the right long-tail keywords and creating relevant PPC adverts is a demanding and on-going process. That’s why having an expert digital marketing firm like Gorilla Webtactics on your side is a great idea. We can help you create your PPC strategy from scratch, allowing you to focus on your practice. Call us today at (612) 470-9877 or contact us online to find out how we can help.