Only a small percentage of people make a purchase decision right away. And, most take days to make them. Remarketing for lawyers helps keeps your business top of mind while they think about it.

Have you ever searched for a business online, decided to wait to contact them until later, and then forgotten about them? Or maybe you wanted to contact them but got distracted before you did.

Whatever the reason, you put your decision on hold. And the business has to depend on you to remember to come back to contact them later.

(And as busy as you are, it’s a toss-up as to whether that will happen. This is true for most people.)

Compare that with the times you’ve been distracted and then keep seeing that business follow you around the Internet. You go to a news site, and there’s an ad for the Law Firm you’ve been looking at online. Then you flip over to Facebook and see the Law Firm tempting you from the sidebar.

The ad is everywhere, and it keeps reminding you how much you need to contact them.

(Kinda like a “don’t forget to pick up the milk” text from your sweetie as you leave work.)

Here’s How Google & Facebook Re-Marketing for Attorneys Works

Remarketing for lawyers is a strategy that makes your business look like it has a huge advertising budget, that your company the most popular one out there, and gives a not-so-subtle reminder to the consumer to follow through on their initial impulse to contact you.

And in a busy world like ours where attention is hard to find (and keep), these reminders make a significant increase in business.