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Ah, email. Before the days of “click to send,” Law Firms had to take substantial—and often expensive—measures to attract new clients. Billboards, TV commercials, and full-page telephone directory listings may have been effective, but without significant advertising funds new and smaller law firms were overshadowed by established mega-firms with deep pockets.

Did you know that for every second it takes for your site page to load you receive a 7% loss in conversions, according to an Aberdeen Group Report? If your site speed is extremely slow, you could be looking at a significant loss of revenue. What is the ideal load time that will keep visitors on your page?

“To do a common thing uncommonly well brings success.” As the founder of the multi-billion-dollar H.J. Heinz Company, Henry J. Heinz understood something that eludes many struggling law firms and solo practitioners; while any lawyer or firm can create marketing content, those who offer content that is relevant, helpful, and engaging to their target audience have a far greater chance of attracting new clients and establishing themselves as an expert in their respective practice area than those whose content is messy, confusing, irrelevant, or laborious to consume.

One of your number one priorities, when you have an online business, is to try to make the top three spots on SERP’s (search engine results page). As a local business, your Minneapolis SEO (search engine optimization) must be geared towards giving the web crawlers as much information as possible so they (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) can better understand your product or offering. When you help them to decipher your content, they reward you with a higher ranking on the results page.

Remarketing is an effective way to re-engage with any visitor who has arrived at your site, looked around at your products or services but has left without making a purchase. Only about 2% of users will convert when they first visit your website. A recent Sale Cycle report notes that 75% of people who add an item to their shopping cart won’t complete that purchase during that specific session. Fortunately, thanks to the tracking code you have attached to your web pages, you have the IP address of the visitor, and you can place your advertising in front of them.

Do you have a Digital Content Marketing Strategy in place? If yes, have you been using the same approach for a while or are you ready for an upgrade? If no, it’s never too late to plan for your businesses super successful future! You know your competition is hot on your heels and having an innovative content marketing plan is going to keep you way out in front. When Content Marketing in Minneapolis, you have an opportunity to create, own and manage all forms of tangible media from the written word to visuals to downloadable resources.

Google Home Service Ads (HSA) represents an additional digital marketing arrow in your quiver of techniques—one of the most advantageous HVAC Marketing channels yet. It’s uniquely oriented to get your site to the top of Google’s search results, and the top of your prospects’ minds.

If you want your Minneapolis business to be one of the top three prized slots on the Google search results page (SERP’s), you will have to strategically employ sophisticated SEO practices to get you there. Google’s algorithm, which determines placement of webpages on SERPs, has gone through various updates over the last five years with one key focus: ensuring that quality, relevant webpages rank high.

Landing pages are phenomenal digital marketing tools.  If you’re intelligent about how you handle them, they can repay you for time invested in no time at all.  For the uninitiated, what exactly is a landing page?  Just as the name implies, a landing page is a page that people land on to place an order, or request a service from your company. 

Are you employing a Local SEO strategy for your business in Minneapolis? You don’t have to spend energy attempting to arrive on page one of Google’s national search engine results page (SERP’s) –you can go local, and have considerably more impact. There is a separate algorithm for national and local searches.

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