How To Set-up & Optimize Google My Business For Law Firms

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This guide will tell you everything you need to know about how to create and optimize a Google My Business listings for your law firm. We will guide you through every step of the process from start to finish.

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    About the author David Juilfs

    David is one of Gorilla Webtactics managing members and a recognized Law Firm Marketing Expert in the US

    Chapter 1 Claiming & Verifying Your Profile

    Step 1: Log in to Google:

    Sign in to your Google account or create one if needed.


    Step 2: Access Google My Business:

    Visit the Google My Business


    Step 3: Find Your Business:

    Search for your business using its name and address.


    Step 4: Claim Ownership:

    If your business is already listed, click “Claim this business.”


    Step 5: Verify Your Identity

    Follow the verification process, which usually involves recording a short video at your business address showing your location and equipment.

    Step 5.1: Plan Your Video

    Before recording, plan your video carefully. In one continuous recording, make sure to include the following elements:

    • Your Current Location: To display your Google Maps location, capture external signs that prove your location. Examples include your street’s name, nearby businesses, or the area surrounding your business.
    • Business or Equipment: Showcase your business operations to demonstrate that your business is located at the Google Maps address. Include items such as stock for sale, branded equipment, marketing materials, and tools used in your business operations.
    • Proof of Management: To show that you’re authorized to represent your business, capture your access to employee-only items or areas. Examples include a cash register, kitchen, storage room, or non-sensitive business documents. You can also use your keys to access your facility.


    Step 5.2: Record Your Video on Your Mobile Device

    1. Open your Google Business Profile by navigating to your profile on your mobile device. You can learn how to find your profile on Google’s support page.
    2. Tap “Get verified” and then enter your business location’s address, then click next.
    3. Select “Business video” and click next. Read the prep instructions, then click next.
    4. Tap “Start recording” to begin capturing your video content.
    5. Record your video, ensuring you cover all the necessary elements mentioned earlier.
    6. After recording, tap “Stop recording” and then “Upload video.”


    Step 5.3: Wait for Review

    After uploading your video, Google will review it. This review process may take up to 5 business days. During this time, it’s essential to be patient while Google assesses your video content.

    • If your video verification is successful, you will receive a notification confirming your verification.
    • If the video method doesn’t work or if there are issues with your video, the “Get verified” button will reappear. You can then explore alternative verification options.

    Chapter 2 Completing Your Profile

    Step 1: Add Your Contact Information

    Under the “contact” tab in the business information section review and edit the following details:

    • Business Name: Ensure it matches your official business name.
    • Logo: Upload a high-quality logo that represents your brand.
    • Address: Verify that your business address is correct.
    • Phone Number: Double-check that your phone number is accurate.
    • Website: Test your URL in your browser. Once it loads correctly, copy and paste it into the “Website” field.


    Step 2: Add a description

    Under the about tab in the “Business Information” section, locate the “Description” field. Write a concise, informative business description within the 750-character limit. Mention your core services and the areas you serve.


    Step 3: Add business hours

    Under the “Hours” tab in the “Business Information” update your business hours to reflect your open hours. Remember to adjust for holidays or special events.


    Step 4: Add business categories

    Under the “About” tab in the “Business Information” section, find “Business Categories”. Select a primary business category that best fits your business. If applicable, add secondary categories but focus on relevance.


    Step 5: Add Products, Services, and Q&A’s

    In order to add products, services and Q&A’s to your listing you will need to login into the owner email for the listing and then search for your business on Google. At the top of the search results will be the option to select and edit products, services and Q&A.

    Step 5.1 Add Products:

    1. Click on the “Products” tab.
    2. Click on the “Add product” button.
    3. Enter the product name, description, price, and image.
    4. Click on the “Save” button.

    Step 5.2 Add Services:

    1. Click on the “Services” tab.
    2. Click on the “Add service” button.
    3. Enter the service name, description, and price.
    4. Click on the “Save” button.

    Step 5.3 Add Q&As:

    1. Click on the “Questions & Answers” tab.
    2. Click on the “Add question” button.
    3. Enter the question and the answer.
    4. Click on the “Save” button.


    Step 6: Add Photos and Videos

    In order to add photos and videos to your listing you will need to login into the owner email for the listing and then search for your business on Google. At the top of the search results will be the option to “add photos”. Upload high-quality photos and videos that highlight what makes your business unique.

    Chapter 3 Building Your Reputation

    Step 1: Request Reviews

    Encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews on your profile by sharing your GMB review link with your customers and friends. Get a Review Link For Your Law Firm Here

    Step 2: Respond to Reviews

    Respond professionally to all reviews, addressing both positive and negative feedback.

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