Legal Landing Pages Are Helping Lawyers Turn Prospects Into Clients

Pay-Per-Click advertising is one of the best ways to generate more leads and sales conversions for your law firm. When it comes to paid digital advertising, research states that the Average Conversion Rate (CVR) for the legal industry on Google Search is 6.98% and 1.84% on Google Display Network (GDN). It is the second-highest conversion rate followed by the Dating and Personals industry.


Although it enjoys a higher conversion rate, you still need to optimize your lawyer PPC marketing to ensure better ROI. One of the essential PPC elements is the landing pages. They are the bridge where your potential prospects turn into your customers. That’s why you need to pay careful attention when creating landing pages.


Here are four tried-and-tested tips to help create the best PPC landing pages for your law firm.


1. Keep It Relevant


Although it sounds obvious, keeping your landing page relevance is key to a successful PPC campaign. From start to finish, every piece of content, be it text, video, or image, has to match the message or context of your paid law firm marketing campaigns.


Google will take the relevance of your landing page into consideration when determining its quality score. To increase relevance, make sure to use the search phrases or keywords that the target audience is most likely to use.


The content also needs to address the primary concern or query of your target audience. It should also be original. In fact, each landing page should have unique content that provides valuable and useful information.


Users will click on your ad because they think it will deliver what it promises. If your landing page doesn’t match with this message, they will quickly leave, and probably never come back. In other words, if your ad is about fighting a DUI charge, there’s no point in talking about defending an assault charge on your landing page.


2. Include Videos in Your Landing Page


Videos can increase the chances of conversion as people require little effort to understand a video message compared to text. You can also use your creative imagination to create animation and graphics to convey your message more effectively. As mentioned in the previous point, however, the videos should also support the message offered in your lawyer PPC advertisements.


You can use different types of videos on the landing pages. One of the most commonly used types is the explainer video.


Explainer videos are what they sound like. They explain a particular legal point or issue to your target audience. The explanation, however, needs to be short and digestible. It should also end with an actionable message.


Alternatively, you can use testimonial videos. A real-life client talking about how your legal expertise played a crucial role in resolving their problem is probably the best way to market your services. These videos provide solid social proof of the success of your law firm.


3. Focus on Your Value Proposition


Your value proposition sets you apart from your competitors. If possible, include the value proposition in your headline itself. Ideally, your value proposition should consist of the following three elements:


  • Explain how you can address your clients’ pain points or legal problems
  • The benefits your potential clients can enjoy, should they choose your services
  • You also need to explain why they should choose you over your competitors

When it comes to law firm marketing, your value proposition can be anything, from how transparent your fee structure is to your ability to provide personal attention to each case. So, you need to think carefully about how you can set yourself apart from your competitors.


4. Keep It Simple and User-Friendly


Like the rest of your website, all landing pages should load as quickly as possible. The longer it takes for them to load a page, the higher the bounce rate will be, as people have little or no patience for webpages to load. That’s why keeping the landing pages simple, minimal, and uncluttered is a good idea.


Make sure the page design is user-friendly and matches the design of your website. Keep the critical information or elements, including your CTA, front, and center. You would want your prospects to take the desired action quickly. So, avoid adding distractions like banner advertisements or pop-ups.


You can use bullet points and bold or large fonts to make an important message stand out from the rest of the content. Make sure to follow a consistent content and design structure for every landing page to boost your lawyer PPC conversions.


Parting Words


If you want your lawyer PPC to succeed, you need to start optimizing your landing pages. From focusing on the relevance to creating simple and user-friendly webpage designs, these four tips will help you create landing pages that convert. You can always rely on a trusted law firm marketing agency like Gorilla Webtactics to help you create the best landing pages, and also help with other services like SEO and web design. Call us today at (612) 470-9877 or contact us online to find out how we can help you.