Does your law firm have a responsive, visually inviting, and easy-to-navigate website design? Does it highlight your recommendations and qualifications from peers and clients? Is the process transparent to visitors that your outcomes speak for themselves?

And if they are checking your website from mobile devices, is it simple for them to find what they want?

These are some helpful questions that your law firm site should be able to translate into results. Your website is central to building your brand, gaining credibility, and generating new clients within your industry.

This fact is specifically true within the legal industry. As per this Survey Report, 87% of lawyers have a website. But what good is a website if it can’t be found online and visitors who do manage to find it bounce off immediately? Keyword optimization and SEO in website development and design are critical.

It is also important to scrutinize your site for unnecessary roadblocks and distractions. Consider hiring top-quality, professional help to develop and design your law firm website.

How does SEO-Friendly Website Design Help You Grow Your Law Firm?

Developing and maintaining a website requires expertise and adequate attention and can be daunting for most legal professionals. However, to grow your law firm, it is imperative to have an intuitive website in today’s age.

Regardless of how a prospective customer finds a lawyer, they’ll go and learn more online. The Legal Trends Report of 2019 states that 57% of clients searched for an attorney on their own before initiating contact. One of the most standard research methods was visiting an attorney’s website (17%) and leveraging a digital search engine (17%).

It’s crucial to remember that prospective clients will likely look up recommendations on online platforms; even referrals would. Some prospective clients will go directly to a law firm’s website when they’re facing a legal issue — especially if they don’t have someone they can ask for recommendations — your law firm’s digital marketing efforts are paramount.

Law Firm Websites: Essential Web Design Elements To Help You Rule SERPs

As an attorney, it is imperative to look for and implement innovative ways to enhance your online presence. That is why lawyers are beginning to invest in law firm marketing.

Website design is an essential facet of this service, one you shouldn’t overlook if you want to thrive in today’s digital world. Sites aren’t only crucial for appealing to and enticing prospective clients. They should keep your existing clients and users engaged.

Understand what makes a compelling website and how much it costs on average to build one for your practice. Focus on your law firm’s website to provide a unique experience for your clientele and generate higher revenue and new leads.

How can your law firm’s website outshine the competition? One viable option is to include the most captivating illustrations. Visuals are crucial to your law firm’s growth and scalability.

According to reports, it takes a user less than a second, 50 milliseconds to be precise, to form an opinion about your site, and help them determine whether they leave or stay.

Here are some design elements that help you boost your site’s usability and aesthetics.

Element 1 – Navigability

Your law firm site should be simple, easy to navigate, and compelling to avoid customer churn. Don’t lose users before they have a chance to read and look around at what you offer.

One of the aspects of UI design is to make sure that the navigation across the site is simplified, as navigability allows the users to get from A to B seamlessly. As a general principle, site visitors should find navigation straightforward and intuitive.

Element 2 – Simplicity

A firm’s website design should ensure and keep the user experience their utmost priority. When users want to take action such as read more, learn more, watch, call now, etc.

That said, the optimal thing to do is to ensure simplicity. Don’t include too many different CTAs (calls to action) at once, as these will distract the user from taking the necessary steps.

Element 3 – Visual Hierarchy

When it comes to visual hierarchy, organize and arrange web design components to get the most interaction from users.

You can achieve this through visual hierarchy components such as the following:

  • Scale and sizing
  • Symmetry and balance
  • Colors

Element 4 – Consistency

Your logo, website, business cards, and other law firm components should be a coherent whole.

Make sure you have consistent branding components throughout your law firm’s website design. Use a pre-defined background, tone of voice, and consistent colors and fonts.

Your law firm needs to ensure consistency in its website design because it is one of the first and foremost features that appeal to visitors and retain them.

It’s vital to maintain it effectively. A dependable professional team of web experts, like Gorilla Webtactics, can help you achieve this effortlessly. We can help you generate a visual language for your law firm that stays consistent and aligned with your brand image.

Element 5 – Responsiveness

Responsiveness can have a significant impact on your site visitors. As per research, 93% of visitors leave a site if it doesn’t accurately display on mobiles.

Your law firm must provide an exceptional user experience by ensuring a responsive site to minimize bounce rate while retaining more visitors. This factor proves that your law firm website should be compatible with multiple devices such as tablets, mobiles, and desktops.

Element 6 – Accessibility

As per the Website Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG),  a website should incorporate the following features. It should be:

  • Practicable. This links back to navigation. In simple words, does the site visitor have a straightforward route in their experience?
  • Perceivable. Your site’s content must be clear and understandable to the visitors
  • Ensure that your site is responsive on various devices
  • Understandable. Clarity always wins. It’s the best advice to prevent using legal/legalese jargon that your clients and prospects may have difficulty in understanding

Element 7 – Conventionality

People often think that conventionality eradicates originality. But that’s not true. Users expect to have a unique, seamless experience with a brand. They also follow and feel comfortable with conventional web usability standards.

Law Firm Marketing: Reasons to Consider a Professional Web Designer

Unless your law firm has proficient, competent, and dedicated individuals working on its web design,
It’s always good to connect with a team of professional web designers like Gorilla Webtactics.

Our SEO web design experts can create websites that are fully accessible by search engines and help you attract and retain visitors. This capability can help you take advantage of:

Specialized Work

One of the main reasons to hire a team of specialized web designers is to help you achieve your law firm’s marketing goals and develop and design a professional site. Working with a dependable web design agency can help you get the desired results with top-notch quality.

Get a visually appealing, high-quality site with a professional look and feel. Gorilla Webtactics can help you provide high-quality and much-needed professional web design.

Years of Experience

Developing a mobile-optimized, appealing, and responsive website is not an easy feat. You’ll have a steep learning curve until you are highly skilled and competent in web development and can leverage the latest tools, design trends, and web standards.

An intuitive, functional, and professional website demands proper and dedicated attention.

Top web design and development agencies like Gorilla Webtactics ensure that your law firm site starts on the right foot. Our specialized agency has a team of qualified web designers and developers ready that can help you take your law firm marketing projects to the next level. Moreover, leveraging our expertise can help you with other marketing-related services such as email configuration, domain purchases, web hosting, etc.

Expert Resources

Professional website design services involve vision, creativity, and skills to provide optimal results. And a reliable agency for law firm marketing can offer you all of them internally in addition to access to premium resources.

Law firm digital marketing services provider such as Gorilla Webtactics has access to adequate resources and cutting-edge tools, better than any typical freelancer. A credible agency can help your firm grow and scale, boosting your law firm’s online presence.

Choosing to have a freelancer or in-house web designer means that you still need to educate them and pay monthly or annual subscriptions for premium tools which cost you more while the project takes longer than usual.


Building a compelling website can be overwhelming. It might be more conducive to your time and budget to leverage website templates or builders. If you aren’t an expert web professional, your safest bet is to partner with a dependable agency, as it saves you time while delivering viable results.

Your web design agency helps you build with precision and support your ranking efforts, regardless of the type of law firm site you aim to achieve. They inherently know through experience the requirements of different industries and capably meet your law firm’s needs.

Do You Have A Vision For Your Firm? We Have A Design

Website design is the primary focus of visitors when they reach your online address. Therefore, it has to be flawless to ensure all the site users are satisfied with the experience.

More law firms opt for executing an intuitive design to convey critical information; it’s crucial to stay ahead of the clan and minimize issues. Hence, hiring law firm digital marketing experts is a good idea.

It’s essential to have an expert team at your disposal who can understand and explain the hidden aspects of site experience and its effect on users.

A niche-specific law marketing firm like Gorilla Webtactics can help you with website design and other digital marketing services, letting you focus on your core areas. We can better assist you with your marketing initiatives as per your specific needs, getting you more clients and generating quality leads.

Strategize your plan with Gorilla Webtactics. Get in touch now and get your web presence noticed.