Top Law Firm Website Design Company

People are using the web to search for the information, products, and services that they want. The legal industry is no exception to this growing trend. People are using their smartphones and laptops to find lawyers and get legal help. That’s why your law firm must also have a website that can help you expand your online presence and drive more traffic.


However, you need to hire a competent web design company to ensure your website reflects the excellent quality and offers better security. If your website lacks appeal, speed, and security, it will fail to attract your target audience.


Here’s how you can find the best law firm web design company.


1. Know What You Want


Even the best law firm web design company can’t be of help if you are unsure of what you want. So, the first order of business is to set the goals for your website’s design.


Your goals will change depending on your practice area. For example, family law firms would want to focus more on conversions, while bankruptcy lawyers will need to consider branding first. Content and responsive design will play crucial roles in conversions. On the other hand, high-quality images, graphics, and modern design will enhance the brand image.


You can talk to your partners and even existing customers to understand their expectations from your website. Taking a look at your competitor’s website can also help you define the design scope. Make sure to do your research before you start headhunting.


2. Find Out What the Company Offers


Once you have figured out what type of attorneys and law firm web design you want, find out what the company offers. No two web development companies are the same. Each web designing firm will have its own benefits and drawbacks.


Be sure to ask the shortlisted companies to provide you with the list of services they offer. You can also ask about the resources they have, portfolio, and references. Most professional web design companies will be more than willing to share this information.


This is also the right time to see if they have a well-documented discovery process. The discovery process is where the company will understand your requirements and create a project schedule accordingly.


3. Work with a Company That Understands SEO


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is also an integral part of attorneys and law firm web design. SEO plays a critical role in increasing the search engine visibility of your website. That’s why your website needs to be fully SEO optimized from the beginning.


Of course, you can optimize the site anytime you want. However, you will most likely lose a ton of web traffic if you don’t do it before the launch. Make sure the company understands the SEO challenges involved in the law firm web design.


If you can, try working with a web design firm that offers both designing and law firm marketing services. Such companies often understand the importance of factors like relevant and engaging content, on-site SEO optimization, and fast loading speed, all of which help boost your SEO.


4. Don’t Outsource


You are hiring a professional company because you want the best law firm web design. However, if the firm you choose outsources your work to a different company, the chances of having a good-quality web design are pretty slim. It can also result in miscommunication and a lack of creativity, resulting in additional delays.


You need to hire a company that will not outsource your project to another firm or a bunch of freelancers. Make sure to work with a company that has enough resources to handle your project in-house. Avoid companies with small in-house designing teams.


5. Choose a Firm with Pricing Transparency


While you would want the best law firm web design, you also need to consider your budget. Most people think that custom designs are expensive. Although customization is costlier than cookie-cutter work, expensive may not always translate into the best quality.


However, excellent quality does ensure higher engagement and safety, resulting in more conversions. That’s why, instead of working with either the cheapest or the most expensive company, you should choose to hire the one with pricing transparency. The agency should provide you with a detailed estimate upfront. If your original design concept changes, the company should provide an estimate of additional costs.


Most web design companies charge a fixed hourly rate. However, some agencies may also charge a lump sum based on the scope of your project. Always confirm the costs, billing process, and charges for any additional services before hiring a web design agency.




As you may already know, having an appealing, responsive, and secure website is a must for law firms nowadays. If you are also looking for a web development agency, these five tips should help. However, if you want the best law firm web design without breaking the bank, there is no need to look beyond Gorilla Webtactics. Call us today at (612) 260-1506 or contact us online to find out how we can help.