Law Firm Marketing Strategy

Before the internet came along, law firm marketing involved nothing more than placing advertisements on billboards, local newspapers, TV, and Yellow Pages. However, things have changed considerably over the last couple of decades. Traditional marketing is almost non-existent as an increasing number of people are getting access to internet-powered smartphones.


If you want your law firm to succeed, you need a well-defined and data-driven digital marketing strategy. A half-baked law firm marketing strategy will not get you anywhere near your business goals. In fact, it can cause more harm than good to your brand in this digital era.


Here are a few ways to improve your law firm marketing.


1. Focus on Brand Building


Most people believe that branding is for e-commerce companies and restaurants, not for law firms. However, branding is as much relevant for law firms as it is for any other business. That’s why when working on any facet of your digital law firm marketing, including Lawyer SEO, PPC, and even web design, you need to think about branding first.


Similarly, whether you are a family lawyer or a personal injury attorney, you will need to focus on building your brand. You can use the combination of content marketing, paid advertising, and elegant website design to create your brand voice. Your brand voice is what your potential customers will remember. So, make sure it remains consistent across all your marketing channels.


2. Take Advantage of Paid Advertisements


Paid advertisements can help boost your law firm marketing. Most people don’t think of using a lawyer PPC for branding. They usually believe that paid advertisements are meant for generating better leads and higher conversions, not improving your brand value. However, that’s not necessarily true.


Of course, you will need to modify your PPC strategy, starting with identifying a message that makes you stand apart. This message is going to be the common theme that connects all your PPC ad copies and campaigns.


The second step is to use your paid advertisements to generate brand awareness and engagement instead of focusing on conversions alone. Make sure to deploy these advertisements on channels where you may encounter your target audience for the first time.


For example, many people use their smartphones to start browsing legal information about a particular topic. However, they often switch to their laptops or computers for an in-depth analysis of the said topic. For best results, the ads on a smartphone should be geared for awareness, while on other devices, the advertisements should be optimized for conversions.


3. Optimize Your Website for SEO


Whether you are using in-house or third-party law firm marketing services, SEO needs to be a part of your marketing strategy. Lawyer SEO, which includes on-site SEO, will lay the foundation of your digital law firm marketing.


Website optimization usually includes using a responsive law firm web design, thorough keyword analysis, and optimization, and improving loading speed, among other things. You will also need to complete technical SEO optimization.


Make sure to check all pages for status code errors, site indexing, and band broken links. You will also need to fix duplicate title tags and meta descriptions. A competent law firm marketing consultant will also recommend a thorough content audit of your website. Improving underperforming and old content with current keywords and information can also boost your overall law firm marketing efforts.


4. Consider Voice Search Optimization


As a leading law firm marketing consultant, we believe voice search optimization is a must for law firms. While voice search is still in its infancy, the potential for its growth is going to be limitless in the coming years. The AI-based voice technology is rapidly becoming smart enough to handle complex search commands.


Optimizing your website for voice search will ensure that it ranks higher in local search results. If you have an on-site blog, voice search optimization can also help you rank higher when people look for general or niche-specific legal information.


In other words, this simple strategy will help you stand out in highly competitive local search real estate on the web. So, if you are seeking professional law firm marketing services, make sure voice search optimization is also available.




As you may already know, digital law firm marketing is a must for lawyers these days. However, like any other marketing strategy, digital marketing also needs continuous monitoring and optimization. These four tips should help if you are already marketing your firm yourself. However, hiring an experienced and trusted law firm marketing consultant like Gorilla Webtactics can also help. Call us now at (612) 260-1506 or contact us online to find out how we can help.