Email acts as a medium for trust and brand awareness among target audiences. It’s simple, effective, and cost-efficient. All you need to do is populate a list of email addresses and send them newsletters, discounts, news, and info on your services. The software products used to carry out email marketing are widely used, as evidenced by the fact that this market is set to grow by $2.28 billion by 2027; it’s currently valued at $1.38 billion.

It is one of the most popular marketing methods used by law firm marketing experts like Gorilla Web Tactics. Our email specialists can help you find recipients, segment them and send out emails to those who have an interest in your legal services.

The tools and resources used to create, test, and send emails have significantly evolved in the past few years, bringing new opportunities for businesses to expand their client outreach. Email is a professional way of communication in every industry, especially in legal firms, for expanding their operations and getting new clients.

Let’s help you figure out how to make the most of this strategy for your law practice.

Why Law Firms Should Include Email Marketing In Their Marketing Strategy

Lawyers are in constant communication with their clients, and most of them use emails quite regularly. It’s professional and free and creates a viable trail of information that the recipient can consume at their convenience.

As long as you are sending out quality information that’s useful and engaging, rest assured that your marketing emails are just as likely to get read as your business emails. In fact, email marketing has one of the best conversion rates of all other marketing methods.

Email marketing provides credibility to the business, and it requires low cost than other marketing methods. Ignoring this tactic is a big mistake for law firms; they often underestimate the power of email marketing and its ability to create awareness related to their services and firm.

Top 5 Email Marketing Strategies For Law Firms

With our expertise, your law firm can reap some excellent benefits of email marketing. The following are our top strategies to help you make the most of it.

1. Create Valuable Law Related Content

Your priority should be creating law-related content that you can email your subscribers. In most cases of email marketing, businesses have prior knowledge of the people they are emailing.

When creating the emails, you can customize the content according to the people’s needs, this not only helps in achieving your strategic goals but it makes a bond of trust between you and your clients.

If you are confused about where to begin crafting your content, you can first identify what questions your clients ask the most or what are the common cases, you witness. People find articles interesting that are more related to them.

The latest trends in the market often catch people’s attention. The other method is to write about the ongoing trends, including the latest political, economic, or social trends. Another essential strategy is to keep updated on your competitor’s email marketing campaigns; one way is to subscribe to your competitor’s email marketing campaign.

Moreover, you could ask open-ended questions related to topics of interest or ask the recipients to fill out surveys that can give you data to generate new ideas and email marketing campaigns.

2. Create Guides For Your Clients

When you have existing clients, it’s essential to keep in touch with them and continuously update them with the latest news and information like launching a new service, giving discounts, or providing informational documents.

The best way is to offer free eBooks, guides, newsletters, and blog links to your potential clients to maintain engagement and continuity of the flow of information from your clients. Another way of creating an effective email marketing campaign is to provide a tangible guide or a book in exchange for sharing information. However, information should be relevant and clear to the customer’s needs.

3. Free Consultations

Offering free consultation serves almost the same purpose as providing free guides and books. It is a great way to gather information from your potential clients. Running a marketing campaign on free consultation can bring massive traffic.

A free consultation is a quick method of getting instant clients and retaining old ones. Free consultations help lead generation and create new list emails, but they can also be a referral program. Your clients can refer others in their circles to try out the offer when in need of legal guidance.

4. Use Blog Post With CTA (Call To Action)

Blog posts help rank your website in search engine optimization, but they are an effective method to provide valuable reading material to your clients and viewers. You can share the blog posts through email marketing and add a call to action button to your blog post to increase your conversion rates.

If your blog addresses important law-related issues that can help your potential clients in any possible way, you have a high chance of them signing into your website or subscribing to your blogs.

5. Emails Should Be Concise And Straight To The Point

Long emails often become boring, and sometimes they don’t get the reader’s attention; people don’t have time to read it all as most of them use their phones to read emails. Law firms have to practice reducing their proposals, marketing content, or other content in email marketing

Lengthy content with no images is likely to lose the reader’s attention. Adding pictures and videos to email marketing effectively maintains the reader’s attention and cover a significant chunk of your content concisely.

How To Create An Email Marketing Plan For Your Law Firm

For startup law firms, setting up an email campaign can be tricky. This email marketing campaign for getting new clients helps startup law firms create a new marketing plan. In contrast, well-established law firms can revise their existing email marketing plan and bring automation to email marketing.

1. Identify Your Target Audience

For any marketing campaign, audience identification is crucial. The wrong audience will not convert into your clients and waste your time and resources. Your hard work, investment return, and profits depend on your audience.

Target the leads you gathered from customized lead generation campaigns in which we target a specific area, gender, or age group. Email leads that have high chances of becoming your potential clients.

2. Choose The Right Content

We have discussed various types of content for law firms to create for email marketing purposes. After choosing the right audience, you have to work on making the right content for your email marketing. You have to keep in mind that your audience has different needs and interests, so create the content accordingly.

Generate new ideas and topics according to your client’s interest because, in email marketing, we are constantly sending emails to our email list. Keep the content simple and keep it straight.

3. Create Your Email Marketing List

You need a list of people to email your services, newsletter, stories, etc. You probably don’t have many leads to target as a startup, so how do you create your first email marketing list?

The standard rule in email marketing is that we do not email contacts that do not sign up for our newsletter or agree to receive promotional emails. However, for your first list, target people that are interested in the legal industry; check out your followers on social media platforms and see if they would like to receive your emails.

When you have found people to email about your services, create your first list; meanwhile, you can start working on your lead generation campaigns to get more valuable potential clients to target.

4. Get Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing tools help maintain a vast amount of emails and email lists. Tools like Mail Chimp are famous for their vast features for firms of all sizes.

These tools sometimes offer free plans, too, which have enough capacity to work with startup law firms for free. Email marketing tools allow you to segment your subscribers so that each client gets customized emails.

The most appreciable element of email marketing tools is that they give insights into your email marketing campaign. You can divide your audience into groups of more and less responsive people and re-design your marketing strategy accordingly.

5. Use CTA (Call to Action Tactics)

Call to action marketing works with all marketing methods; many experts and marketing methods strongly endorse adding CTAs to the emails. The combination of adding CTA to your emails is an effective method of increasing your conversion rates.

Use simple and popular CTAs like “Sign up for free” or “get a 10% discount.” Placement of CTA also matters; place them in a prominent, noticeable place where it fits well and does not cover the majority of the space.

Call Us Today To Help You To Create An Effective Marketing Strategy For Your Law Firm

Law businesses can benefit from email marketing massively; you might lose out on many potential clients by ignoring this marketing method. Lawyers and law firms have their hands full with clients; creating email marketing can take time and requires professional supervision. Leave this work to the professionals.

We have expertise in creating effective email marketing methods for promoting your law business as we have benefited dozens of clients by boosting their client outreach. Give us a call today to get more information.