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Email is a robust marketing tool that lets businesses communicate with leads and prospective clients directly and personally. When used appropriately, email, coupled with practical purpose and content, allows you to entice leads and nurture customer relationships beyond and through their filing bankruptcy process.

If you are a lawyer who hasn’t followed up with your bankruptcy leads, you could be missing out on valuable clients. Therefore, it is imperative to streamline your communication process, and email marketing automation can make all the difference in lead generation and driving conversions.

Bankruptcy law firms usually have high customer turnover, requiring a constant flow of cases and leads. At the same time, this is a highly competitive domain and field of law.

Therefore, every potential lead that lands on your bankruptcy firm’s site are highly valued. As a law firm, this necessitates you to invest in cutting-edge technology and platforms that help you maximize the traffic on your website, connect with leads and convert them into clients.

Here are some ways you can leverage email marketing automation for your bankruptcy leads.


Offer Resources To Your Bankruptcy Leads

It’s possible to successfully connect with your bankruptcy leads by offering valuable content, resources, and advice through email newsletters.

You can leverage email automation to promote your newsletter in email and entice the leads to sign up. For instance, “Sign up for our email newsletter to get expert legal advice and help from our team of bankruptcy lawyers” or “Get access to our collection of eBooks, online videos, and other resources via our email newsletter.” When you grow your subscriber base, it increases the chances of your potential client base.


Leverage Automated Text Messaging

Not all corporate texting for attorneys is created equal. Typically, there are the following types of business texting when it comes to lawyers:

  • Two-way texting. This method refers to when leads/clients can also text the attorneys back. Two-way texting allows you to have more flexibility and clarity with what you are conveying. This can be beneficial. It can also bring additional considerations like making sure you are using professional language and don’t be too casual when messaging clients
  • Automated text messges. This is a more streamlined method of sending out messages to your bankruptcy leads. It can help your law firm lawyers send out easy communications like providing directions or meeting notifications via text messages. This saves your lawyers’ time while giving your leads a good experience by communicating information in a medium that may make sense to them.

Additionally, you can also confirm meetings via automated text notifications and give meeting reminders in a personalized way.

Leveraging text reminders and notifications to avoid the redundant administrative overhead and costly no-shows that come with manually performing lead-focused tasks. That way, leads can also confirm with your bankruptcy leads if they are interested in your legal services and want to plan a meeting, so you are not left guessing.


Use Customized Email Marketing Templates

With email automation, you can easily schedule, create, and send automated lead communications to get in touch with them.

You can leverage various professionally designed templates or even create your own from scratch within minutes. This, in turn, lets you work more efficiently, improve your law firm services, and have the ability to account for minute details from inbound leads to converting them into satisfied clients.

Furthermore, you can also streamline various marketing tactics for creating dynamic workflows. For example, from bankruptcy client intake to settlement, a robust email marketing automation software allows your attorneys to be updated on top of every specific detail regarding a lead or customer’s journey.


Provide Bankruptcy Leads With The Representation They Deserve

Bankruptcy leads are quite doubtful when it comes to hiring a dependable attorney. So instead, they search for a dedicated lawyer to help them make well-informed and intelligent decisions and save their economic future.

With an automated legal client intake platform, you can effortlessly connect via emails and text messages, engage new leads and convert them to start facilitating the right away. Also, this software allows you to create a consistent and transparent client intake process and help your bankruptcy leads with their cases.

Additionally, you can capture the proper documents and details regarding leads, helping you draft emails tailored to the particular individual’s specific needs.

You can also create customized client intake forms and collect the critical documentation and details you need to evaluate your lead’s matter instantly and effectively. Save yourself time and cost by eliminating pesky errors and delays in the sales journey that can interrupt your prospect’s current status.


Build Better Lead-Attorney Relationships

As a bankruptcy attorney, it is essential to keep your leads informed and engaged at different sales funnel stages, such as reviewing critical documents and meetings to develop an ideal plan or approach prospective buyers.

This will also leave time to follow up with other leads, give meeting reminders, or do other customer-facing tasks. SMS messaging and file requests for law firms allow you to manage all the tasks for your bankruptcy leads while also letting you focus on the essential matters at hand.

Communication and org are essential while handling bankruptcy matters. Along with emails, automation platforms also allow you to track, create and manage a winning process for different issues.

That way, you don’t miss important deadlines, as when dealing with bankruptcy cases, deadlines are crucial.  Also, your team gets complete visibility into all of the leads’ and clients’ cases in an integrated place, thereby helping you understand the intricacies of each case successfully and convey advice and critical information to your bankruptcy leads promptly.


Have Insights In Real-Time To Generate Growth

Automated email marketing platforms allow you to access accurate data and insights to grow your law firm.

As bankruptcy cases require greater attention to detail, it is imperative to assure your leads that you understand the issue correctly. Therefore, the reporting module in platforms comes with robust data-collection features that provide an in-depth look into your law firm’s productivity, profitability, and aspects in need of improvement.

You also have data analytics in a visual form that helps you gain a comprehensive outlook of your lead, client, and case journey. In addition, the information is presented skillfully, making it more straightforward for you to digest and leverage when making strategic growth decisions.

This way, it can help you create data-driven and actionable strategies to better target and connect with your bankruptcy leads. Also, you can gauge lead generation strategies that are getting you the most prospects, as well as your team’s performance, possible leads, and other critical data that can help you optimize your bankruptcy lead generation efforts.

Furthermore, you can also set goals to see if your leads are following through with your emails and ultimately accelerating the growth of your legal practice.


Create Automated Email Sequences That Progresses Logically

Emails are more practical and effective when integrated into a series. Every email in the sequence strengthens the other and builds on each other, which helps the leads progress smoothly and logically.

You can automate every email in the sequence to go out once every 3-4 days or once a week.

Here is a potential example of email series targetting those with bankruptcy cases:

  • Email #1. You can cover the bankruptcy basics, such as how it helps, works, who should file, etc.
  • Email #2. You can highlight tough questions and objections about bankruptcy
  • Email #3. Share your past clients’ success stories who hired your legal services
  • Email #4.Discuss how lawyers can help with filing bankruptcy and why your law firm services are superior to the competitors
  • Email #5.Focus on the way to rebuild credit and ensure effective financial management to prevent bankruptcy in the future

Your email sequences can approximately have five sends that center around whatever topics you think are critical to the subscriber and can compel them to convert.


Email Marketing: Tips For Lawyers

Email marketing is a vital growth channel that sits right at the intersection of referrals and word of mouth as law firms today highly depend on them. It is a digital marketing approach specifically designed to help companies keep in touch and follow up with their leads and customer base with minimal effort, fueling word of mouth promoting engine during the process.


Here are some email marketing techniques to attract your bankruptcy leads and grow your legal practice.


Have A Well-Defined Goal In Mind

While leveraging email marketing automation, it is essential to have a strategic plan. For example, don’t just add every lead into a single giant email list and then infrequently send out generic updates.

In the legal industry, the objective of law firm email marketing is to keep in touch with previous clients, generate referrals from other professionals or attorneys, convert leads and prospects into new customers, etc.

So without a solid marketing strategy, your email’s content will be less targeted and less attractive to your prospective clients or leads. Eventually, your audience may lose interest and either unsubscribe or tune out, keeping you from achieving your goals.

Therefore, it is imperative to start your email marketing campaign with specific goals and objectives in mind and segment the email lists properly to target the right people.


Provide Value To The Reader

With multiple emails hitting the reader’s inbox daily, it is easy for your emails and messages to be overlooked. As a law firm, your email marketing strategy goal should be to develop content that your audience might be interested in and want to read and follow through.

This may sound simple enough. However, this is usually the most challenging part because an email’s average open rate for the legal sector is merely 22.49%.


Keep Emails Focused And Concise

People have short attention spans or may not have time, so they check emails on their phones most of the time. Therefore, it is crucial to keep your emails focused and short.

As an attorney, you may tend to write long-winded email content. However, it is critical to resist this enticement when it comes to email marketing of a law firm. As per the data from Constant Contact, emails that have 20 lines of copy have the maximum click-through rates.

When someone opens the email, and it’s eight paragraphs lengthy without any other content or images, they will not be likely to go through it. Therefore, it is essential to keep your emails focused and concise and include visuals such as videos, photos, etc., whenever possible to make your emails more engaging.


Measure The Results And Iterate

This is an essential email marketing tip for attorneys is to gauge the results and modify the plan accordingly.

Most email marketing platforms give you data analytics and valuable insights into your email marketing efforts. Here are two critical metrics that you should analyze for all your campaigns:

  • Click-through rate is the percentage of recipients who open the email and who also click a link inside
  • Open rate is the fraction of readers who open the email

These numbers are critical as they help you evaluate whether you can achieve your goals or not.


Wrapping Up

Automating your email marketing can help you better focus on your leads in a personalized way. When done correctly, it can help you with your legal marketing efforts while supporting you to scale your business and drive client engagement– all at the same time.

So guide your bankruptcy leads through a seamless sales journey as you interact, nurture, and convert them into satisfied clients for your legal practice.