All businesses need a solid client base to flourish. Law businesses more so since their clients often hire services with a good reputation for service and great reviews. That is why it’s integral for lawyers to build a digital presence that helps them get noticed and makes it easy to land qualified leads.

Over 440 thousand law firms in the United States make it a highly competitive sector. Moreover, studies have shown that 33 percent of all potential clients begin their search for a law firm online. What’s worse is that attorneys lose one-third of their potential customer base if they fail to invest in robust online marketing.

You have a practice to run and may not always have the time or expertise to create a valuable customer base through online business promotion. But you can trust Gorilla Webtactics to provide a wide range of cutting-edge law firm marketing strategies that help you score qualified leads ready to convert.

Your marketing strategy should enhance conversion rates for your law business. People search for attorney’s services online and check for recommendations like other commodities and services.

Our lead generation strategies combine tried-and-tested tactics to improve your online presence and bring you leads.

But first things first.

What Is A Lead?

A lead is a business entity or a person you believe can become a potential customer. It is simply an individual or a business who may at some point in time buy your services or products and become a client. Lead generation is the method to gain access to these individuals or businesses. Leads are also called “prospects.”

There are several marketing methods to get potential leads (we will discuss these later in this article). What’s important to realize is that not every lead becomes a client or a customer; many factors determine the visitor’s conversion to a customer.

World Bank data shows that 91% of the population has internet access or uses the internet frequently. People’s continuous internet usage allows businesses to track their interests and analyze customer behavior. Using this information, it becomes easier for the business to employ marketing methods to create more leads.

What Is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the method of attracting people who are or can be interested in your services or products. Businesses often mistake targeting their marketing campaign to everyone, which costs them money and time, while the ROI and customer conversion rate don’t significantly improve.

Lead generation is a marketing strategy that aims to target the right audience for your business to create maximum numbers of a customer from the targeted audience.

Why Is Lead Generation Important For Law Firms?

Your law firm can get a competitive advantage using lead generation marketing methods to gain more clients. Here’s how:

· Brings Clients To You

Lead generation drives traffic from quality (high value) prospects, brings clients to you, and ushers in business opportunities. You may team up with a non-competing product or service, co-host a webinar, gain access to each other’s audience, and generate more leads. You also choose marketing methods to analyze target audiences and locate people who need an attorney’s services. Businesses that focus on lead generation get consistent work throughout the year.

· Creates Awareness For Your Law Services

Brand visibility is essential for all business types: start-ups, small, medium, and large enterprises. Staying visible and relevant keeps clients updated on your current offerings and new promotions.

Lawyers should combine lead generation with SEO and content marketing that highlights their areas of expertise: corporate law, criminal law, or family law. Blogs display your knowledge and credibility and create trust between you and your clients. Use blog posts to:

  • create awareness of your law services,
  • provide visitors testimonials of your existing clients, and
  • let clients respond to CTAs and contact your business

· Brings You Valuable Data

Lead generation gathers valuable information about potential clients. When prospective customers fill out a survey or email marketing form, you get valuable data, like their contact information, demographics, and interests.

There are numerous ways to maximize leads for your law firm. Set data criteria to sort through different types of leads according to your needs. Separate all collected data according to clients’ interests and your area of expertise to identify matches. Next, look for the validity of the request, prioritize based on the likelihood of becoming a customer, and then forward it to your reps to initiate contact.

Five Ways Law Firms Can Generate High-Value Leads

Although there are many methods to find leads for your business, we’ll discuss our leading strategies trusted by our digital marketing experts. These include:

1. Website Optimization

The first step of promoting your brand online is to create a website. It is one of your most important company assets. An efficient website is a gateway for advertising; therefore, it is crucial to make it attractive and engaging for optimal benefit.

Since your competitors have websites, make sure you distinguish your website from the rest.

Ensure that your web presence is attractive, organized, clear, informative, and professional otherwise, you’d just be ruining your chances of success online. A visually impressive website has a lesser bounce rate (visitors clicking off) than poorly structured websites.

Another critical factor that plays a significant role in lead generation campaigns is websites with fast-loading pages. Your visitors likely use different devices like laptops, tablets, and mobile phones to open your website, so make sure the site is fast-responding and user-friendly for all devices.

Potential customers are more likely to lose interest in your websites and services if your site loads too slowly. Make sure your web pages load quickly, especially on mobile devices, especially smartphones, used more often than laptops and tabletops.

Content is also a key element in lead generation marketing through your website. The more appealing the content, it retains customer attention. A well-structured website includes ease of navigation for its user. Visitors should easily navigate and find information on your website, such as service queries or contact information.

2. Search Engine Optimization And Local SEO

Construct your website well; all crucial elements must be highly functional and visible. Keep the website design and structure simple, pleasing, and attractive. Your content should be informative and persuading. Now the important part is how will you reach your desired audience? One method is search engine optimization.

Digital marketers nowadays primarily focus on search engine optimization to make your website visible to people through organic means. SEO includes identifying keywords that your audience searches on the internet.

For example, if anyone needs family law services, they use search terms like “family lawyer” or ‘family lawyer near me.” Effective digital techniques make these search terms and keywords audience-focused, increasing your website’s visibility in SERPs (search engine result pages).

Law businesses that work in specific locations can massively benefit from local SEO. It helps rank your website using geolocation factors and finds target audiences in a particular region.

Local SEO also helps in getting leads from a specific area. If you provide law services in New York, activate local SEO to generate leads in NY. People in any region use search terms like “Criminal Lawyers near me,” and digital marketers can get them towards your business.

3. Social Media Marketing

A marketing strategy consists of creating and maintaining your business’s social accounts and running ads in desired locations and target audiences. Social media is highly effective when it comes to generating leads. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter collectively have billions of active users.

The ideal method is diverting traffic from your social media accounts to your website; however, you need a proficient team to monitor your lead generation from social media campaigns. It is always better to hire a team of professionals like Gorilla WebTactics to manage your social media lead generation campaigns while you focus on serving your clients.

4. PPC (Pay Per Click) and PPL (Pay Per Lead)

PPC is the method of bidding on your relevant keywords. It works for every platform; you can set campaigns for your website or social media accounts. These campaigns allow you to create custom advertisements and pop-ups for your services.

Running PPC for your practice is not a piece of cake; you don’t want to spend your marketing budget purchasing irrelevant keywords and incorrect advertisement placement. You have to carefully target keywords and place ads in the right spots to get maximum leads and get the best results.

PPC works on data-driven results; change your strategy to get the maximum traffic from your ad campaigns.  Unlike PPC, which charges you for each click, impression, and visit, PPL only asks you to pay for the leads you get from the PPL campaigns. PPL is a narrower approach within the PPC.

5. Email Marketing And Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are a marketing method in which we carry out giveaway campaigns to gain visitor information. In the law industry, you can giveaways eBooks, e-newsletters, or offer discounts; visitors provide information like contact details, names, or interests.

The data collected from lead magnets and other lead generation campaigns help you create an email marketing list that sends out details on offers for your existing and new clients. Use email marketing, and lead magnets together when targeting the right audience.

Leave Your Lead Generation Campaigns To The Professional Law Firm Marketers At Gorilla Webtactics

Creating lead generation marketing campaigns is a full-time task done under experienced and professional supervision. There are many careful implementations of strategies and continuous analysis of the data derived from the results.

Being a lawyer or a law firm serving your clients should be your top priority—contact experts for lead generation work. Here at Gorilla WebTactics, we’ll find you the best ways to find your people. You focus on your clients, and we’ll work to bring you new ones.

Please browse through the many law firm marketing services we offer. Then, call us to find out how we can help you start getting hundreds of potential clients.