Updating Law Firm Website Design

Law firms, like every other kind of business, have to keep up with the changing times, which means building compelling websites that attract visitors and help transform those visitors into actual clients. In other words, your firm’s website is critical to your bottom line, but many firms struggle with putting this into practice.

In the fiercely competitive market in which attorneys find themselves, it’s imperative to look beyond your website’s superficial appearance and get down to the real business of the matter. There’s a lot more to creating a stellar website than you probably recognize, but the digital design and marketing experts at Gorilla Webtactics are ready to build you a website that reflects your firm’s excellence and expands your business.

Plan on It

Without a plan, it’s difficult to do much of anything – let alone create a first-rate website for your firm. You should have lofty goals for your firm’s site, including:

  • Establishing your firm’s professional credibility
  • Garnering the trust of potential clients
  • Sharing valuable legal information that solidifies your standing in your area of expertise
  • Increasing your conversion rate for turning visitors into clients on your books

Get the Map Out

When it comes to your firm’s website, a great place to begin is with your websites site map. Your site map provides you with an excellent opportunity to consider everything you want to include in your website – and to tinker with your ideas until you create a solid plan. Your map basics will likely include:

  • Your firm’s areas of practice and expertise
  • An About Us section that lets clients know what your firm is all about
  • Attorney bios that help potential clients get a feel for who they’ll be working with
  • Client testimonials that attest to the excellent legal services you provide
  • Blog entries that provide potential clients with useful information that relates to their personal legal concerns
  • Your location and contact information
  • Anything else that you deem relevant and capable of helping your firm stand out

There’s plenty of room for creativity here. While substance is obviously more important than anything else, don’t let that limit your site’s ability to authentically share who you really are.

Content, Content, Content

Without well-considered, inspiring content, even the most polished website falls flat. The fact is that you need to populate the locations on your site map with compelling content. The pen is mightier than the sword is an idiom that shares exactly how important the written word can be. Use this opportunity to show your potential clients exactly how seriously you take your work and exactly how you can help them. Your website’s content allows you to share your firm’s voice and professional standing, and when done well, it can be extremely persuasive.

Design Mock-up

The guts of your website are critical, but so too is its design. You and your professional web designer will work closely together to create an initial mock-up of your site. This provides you with an invaluable opportunity to see how your ideas and content are hanging together. Your basic goals should include:

  • Your website’s design is clean and visually appealing
  • Your website is easy to navigate and intuitive
  • Your website represents – your firm’s brand, voice, and professional standing
  • Your website is consistent with your firm’s marketing goals

First and foremost, your website should be easy for your potential clients to use. No one wants to fumble around in their search for legal assistance. From here, focus on providing your readers with quality content that succinctly expresses what you have to offer.

Avoid Visual Overload

Finally, look at your website in terms of visual appeal and aesthetic. If you’re going for a certain look, embrace that, but don’t let your creative vision cloud your good judgment. When a website is visually overloaded, you may be able to cram more information into a smaller space, but you won’t be doing yourself or your potential clients any favors. Incorporating clean, blank spaces on your website helps you create a calm, orderly site that is not only easier to navigate but also allows your aesthetic to pop.

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You’ve had a law firm website for a while now, but you may not recognize exactly how critical it is to keep your site updated. Your firm’s online presence is more important now than it’s ever been. The master website designers and engineers at Gorilla Webtactics are geared up to help you pinpoint your firm’s objectives and bring them to life in the form of a beautifully streamlined and highly effective website that works for you.