Law Firm Marketing Increase Their Web Presence

Almost a decade ago, yellow pages were the best way to look for a lawyer. In recent years, however, people have started using their smartphones to search for the best lawyer closest to their location. In other words, like most other businesses, lawyers also need a strong online presence if they want to succeed.


A well-planned digital law firm marketing strategy is what you need if you want to expand your law firm’s online presence. According to the Legal Technology 2019 Survey by the Legal Technology Resource Center of the American Bar Association, 86% of survey respondents said that their firm has a website, while 80% of respondents said their firms maintain a presence on social media, the highest since 2016.


If your firm hasn’t thought about online marketing, you are most probably losing a considerable number of leads and business opportunities. Here are four ways in which this marketing approach can help you grow your online presence.


Establishes You as a Brand


One of the primary benefits of digital law firm marketing is that even a small law firm can turn into a brand. This type of online branding and customized marketing helps you build trust with your target audience.


Digital marketing focuses on creating and deploying informative, actionable, and simplified content that keeps your target audience engaged. Regular blogging and high-quality content sharing on social media channels can help solo practitioners and small law firms to connect with their target audience and build trust as an expert brand in their niche.


It also comprises various optimization techniques like law firm SEO that help you reach your target audience with more ease and precision. Thus, your law firm, no matter how small it is, can get a chance to compete with the big businesses as a well-recognized brand.


Improves User Experience


Another critical benefit of this type of marketing is the improved user experience. Whether it is your blogging or law firm web design, the ultimate goal of digital marketing is to enhance customer satisfaction through constant interaction.


Compared to traditional customer outreach, the digital variant is more flexible, faster, and adaptive. This means you don’t have to wait around to see which marketing strategy, whether it is organic or paid SEO, is working. For example, if a lawyer PPC campaign isn’t working out as planned, you can immediately optimize it or switch to creating something better.


Furthermore, using your social media handles, instant messaging, and email, you can quickly reach out your potential leads to understanding what’s stopping them from interacting with you. You can also identify the latest social media trends and change your marketing strategy accordingly, which often translates into improved user experience and satisfaction.


Builds Your Online Credibility


At its core, law firm marketing will establish you as an expert in your niche. However, by extension, it also helps build your online credibility. No one calls a lawyer just after looking at their advertisement. Your potential customers need to know a little more about you before picking up their phone.


In this digital world, the easiest way to know more about a law firm is to go online. Digital marketing helps you build your online credibility over time. As your online credibility improves, your content will show up higher in the search results. The higher it shows up, the more people are likely to read it and visit your website.


Online marketing also leverages customer reviews and testimonials. In local search results, law firms with the highest number of positive reviews are more likely to show up in the top three positions. This strategy essentially builds your online credibility, telling your potential clients that you are a professional and trustworthy law firm with nothing to hide.


Automation Scales up Your Marketing Easily


Perhaps the biggest advantage of digital law firm marketing is its scalability. Unlike its traditional counterpart, digital marketing offers better scalability as you can easily automate it. You can find various marketing automation tools online. These tools are a godsend for law firms, especially small ones with limited resources and time.


Automation removes the need for repetitive tasks. Thus, it not only frees up your time but also increases the efficiency of your marketing process. But most importantly, it allows you to carry the customer interaction forward. For example, when a potential lead interacts with your website, you can send a timely email or instant message reminders automatically or retarget them using paid ads to continue the interaction.


With automation, you can also create a weekly or monthly content deployment schedule for different social media channels. You can track the performance of your various marketing tasks to understand which ones are producing better results. Based on the performance and customer engagement, you can create highly precise and tailored marketing campaigns.




From establishing your law firm as a brand to quick and easy scalability through automation, digital marketing can help expand your online presence in many different ways. If you already haven’t considered investing in digital marketing, now is the time to do so. To further increase the efficiency of your marketing efforts, you can hire an experienced and trusted digital marketing agency like Gorilla Webtactics. Call us today at (612) 470-9877 or contact us online to know how we can help grow your online presence.