4 Key Qualities of a Legal Marketing Agency That You Can Trust

Considering hiring a legal marketing agency to grow your client list and attract new business? You’re making a great decision.

This is especially true if you plan to make acquiring clients through internet search your primary marketing focus this year. 77% of Americans now own a smartphone, according to Pew Research, which means that searching for an attorney online is easier than ever.

A recent study revealed that while the most common way for people to find an attorney was through a friend, the second most popular way to choose a lawyer was via a search online. Two demographics who were the exception to this rule (online search was their preferred method to find legal representation) included:

  • 18-24 year olds were much more likely to find their attorneys online.
  • Clients who earned more than $150,000 per year were more likely to choose an attorney based on internet search rather than relying on a friend’s recommendation.

If your firm hasn’t yet focused on marketing your legal services online, statistics like this can be exciting. Digital marketing can yield a very high ROI for law firms, and may yield lower client acquisition costs than other forms of legal marketing. 

But only if you work with the right agency. 

Hire the wrong legal marketing team, and you may overpay for underwhelming results.

How to Know You’ve Found a Trustworthy Legal Marketing Agency

Digital marketing agencies love partnering with law firms, especially if they can convince you to sign a long-term contract. 

Don’t get stuck with the wrong marketing team. Choose an effective, trustworthy partner to help you grow your client list and build your legal brand.

Here are 4 key qualities that any legal marketing agency you’re considering a partnership with will have.

Your Agency Should Offer Exclusive Service

If you practice law in a small city, it may be tempting to hire the most prestigious local agency. But if a competing law firm beats you to the punch and has already partnered with them, be cautious about a conflict of interests. 

Not only can you not trust a marketing firm who will work with two companies vying for the same client leads, but you won’t be able to feel comfortable that client leads you’re paying to acquire are exclusively yours.

Be up front, and ask your agency if they work with any other law firms in your area of practice, and in your geographic area. If they say yes, consider looking elsewhere.

Your Legal Marketing Agency Should Be Flexible on Price

You should expect to pay an effective and experienced legal marketing agency well, but they should be willing to write a specific scope of work that matches your goals, and they should price the contract based on that custom proposal. 

Many digital marketing firms have standard pricing packages, which often will include deliverables which may not make sense for your firm’s marketing needs or growth strategy.

If you find that a legal marketing agency balks or digs in their heals when you ask them if you can customize the scope of work and adjust the pricing to reflect that, it’s a good signal that their primary goal is to bill you, rather than to partner with you and help your firm achieve (or exceed) your marketing goals.

Communication is Key

One of the most important qualities to look for in a legal marketing agency is how accessible they are, and how quickly they will return your call. As an attorney, you can’t do business if you aren’t responsive to your clients … the same is true for your marketing team. 

If you ask a prospective legal marketing agency if they guarantee same-day call backs and email responses and they say no, look elsewhere.

Does the Agency Offer a Satisfaction Guarantee?

It’s not realistic to expect 100% satisfaction from every business relationship, but asking if a legal marketing firm offers some form of a satisfaction guarantee will tell you a lot about them, and the service you can expect to receive as their client. 

A marketing firm that offers a guarantee that you will be satisfied with their service has confidence in their ability to deliver results and service your law firm’s marketing needs.

You should have the option to end the contract at any time should you be dissatisfied. A marketing agency that cannot or will not commit to this, may not have the experience or expertise you’re looking for.

Finding a Trustworthy Legal Marketing Firm

It’s more important than ever for law firms to build a compelling online presence, and partnering with an experienced legal marketing agency is a key step in doing so. 

It doesn’t matter if you partner with a local firm, or a digital marketing agency which services clients around the country. Make sure your marketing agency’s team has these four basic qualities, and you will position your legal business for long-term, sustained growth.