Law Firm Marketing Agency Choices


Many lawyers get to the point where there realize they need to choose a law firm marketing company to grow more but have no idea where to begin. There’s certainly no shortage of agencies to choose from, even when you limit your search to those that focus specifically on working with law firms.

The choice of a legal marketing agency can be one of the most important decisions that you can make when it comes to the growth of your law firm and its future. The right agency can help your law firm reach new clients and establish itself as a leader in its areas of practice; the wrong agency can actually do the opposite. Here are a few things to consider when looking for a legal marketing agency to partner with.

It’s Imperative that Your Legal Marketing Agency Understands Your Practice

The most important thing is that any agency you work with should fully understand your practice areas and your target audience. As a practicing attorney, it’s important to realize that marketers who do not specialize in the legal vertical may not understand certain facts that you think should be obvious – things as basic as what you mean by “personal injury” or the fact that private criminal lawyers are always representing the defendant. Choosing a legal marketing agency that understands the nuances of your practice will almost certainly achieve better results and also make communication between and your contacts at the agency much more efficient.

Your Marketer Should Understand Your Jurisdiction’s Rules Regarding Advertising

Many things that marketing agencies do for law firms fall under the umbrella of “advertising” your law firm, making them subject to the Rule of Professional Conduct. This is particularly true when it comes to legal content writing. When you are trusting an agency to create online marketing materials on your behalf, it’s critical that they review the rules in your jurisdiction and make sure that the content they provide is compliant with them. Marketing agencies that work with anyone may not even think to check whether your state bar allows language calling you an “expert” or a “specialist” or to avoid language that could be interpreted to guarantee a particular case result.

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