Email Marketing for Law Firm

The United States has its fair share of lawyers in private practice – about 975,000, according to some estimates – and with all the competition out there, it’s no wonder that reaching potential clients can be difficult. Nevertheless, attorneys are not interchangeable, and your firm has highly specific assets that can translate into a good fit for a wide range of legal consumers. Professional marketing is often the key to connecting with those consumers.


Enter the Internet

While recommendations from satisfied customers are the gold standard when it comes to growing a successful legal firm, waiting for this to happen organically can be painfully slow. The advent of the internet, with all its expediency and immediacy, has blasted open new channels for reaching potential clients.


The web, however, is so vast that it can be daunting. Knowing where to begin and how to proceed is enough is give even the most intrepid law firm pause. You’re a law firm that’s focused on providing professional legal counsel and representation, not an online marketing agency, and your advertising efforts may be stalled as a result. If you’re got questions about how best to grow your legal enterprise, an experienced online marketing agency that focuses on law firms has answers, including:


  • Well-executed white-hat SEO
  • Modern web design
  • Content marketing that incorporates clear, concise, and inviting language
  • Email marketing


All of these can help advance your firm’s positioning, but email marketing deserves closer attention.



Email Marketing Just for Law Firms

There are a lot of email marketing firms out there, but law firms have specific needs that transcend the superficial flash of many marketing campaigns. You need a marketing approach that specifically addresses what your firm has to offer. Email marketing is a result-driven approach that is especially well suited to legal professionals. An experienced email marketing agency that focuses on legal outlets will help you identify and conquer your corner of the vast legal market.



Your Email Strategy

Your law firm is unique to your experience, your staff, your strengths, your interests, your values, and so much more. Not every email marketing strategy is created equal, and you need one that not only addresses your unique firm, but that is also poised to help your firm move forward according to your personal goals. Email marketing differs from more generic marketing in that it specifically addresses individual recipients. This allows you to mine leads with greater potential while pursuing deeper client relationships. A successful marketing agency that specifically focuses on law firms will help you do just that.



Email Marketing Strategies for Law Firms

Again, every law firm – just like every business – is unique to its own strengths and ambitions, but there are several email marketing strategies that universally apply, including:


  • Focus on Your Targeted Audience – Sending a huge number of generic emails to a long list of individuals who may or may not be potential clients isn’t likely to bring you much success. Such emails often land in a spam graveyard. When, however, your firm’s marketing emails target your potential clients specifically, they are much more likely to connect. Examples include thanking former clients for their patronage, supplying tax tips during tax season, sharing legal news pertinent to your field, and much more.
  • Flesh Out a List of Email Recipients – Once you have an email strategy in place, you need to determine who your recipients will be. While your marketing agency will help you build your ultimate list, it’s good to gather your own personal resources, such as prior clients, current clients, LinkedIn contacts (firm and personal), social media contacts (firm and personal), and visitors to your firm’s website.
  • Remember that Content Is King – While it’s extremely important to know your potential client base and to have a marketing strategy that specifically targets your audience, the most critical component of any marketing campaign is content. If all the other working parts are finely tuned, but your content falls flat, your firm’s best interests aren’t well served. Your content should be well written and should implement a tone and approach that’s appropriate for your audience. The subject matter should be current and interesting and should be pertinent to your firm’s specific areas of expertise. Videos and photos can obviously augment your offerings, and event notifications can help stimulate activity related to your firm, which can translate to increased business.

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