Content Marketing
For Lawyers

Where do most of your customers get their news and information? If we asked you this question 20 years ago, you might have answered: the daily newspaper, television, radio, or a bookstore.

Today, that answer is almost always the Internet. People google everything, from how long to roast a turkey at Thanksgiving to how to get rid of squirrels in the attic to where to find an expert like you to make their lives better.

Since your ideal prospect is already googling for information on a daily basis, you want to be johnny-on-the-spot with answers when those questions relate to your business. And you do this with a strategy called Content Marketing. Content Marketing is a term that includes every type of information you could put on your website or online to attract customers, like articles, videos, ebooks, or images.

The goal of content marketing for lawyers is to answer the questions your ideal prospect has before he asks Google so you are first in line to help!

The most powerful content marketing speaks the language of your ideal prospect, using the words they say to describe their problem or wish and not the industry terms you might use in your office or with your team.

Basically, you’re putting yourself in the shoes of that person—the one who doesn’t know as much as you do and needs a trusted resource—and speaking at his level with your advice.

When you think like your ideal prospect—that homeowner who dreams of a renovation, the growing family who needs legal or financial advice, or the person who is in pain but terrified of the dentist chair—you can’t help but create content they love and want to share with others on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

By approaching Content Marketing with this mindset, you’ll build a treasure trove of information perfectly suited to your ideal prospect, instantly available when he asks Google to find him an expert. Then when he finds you on page one and clicks to your site, he’ll know from the first moment that you “get” him. And “getting” him is the fastest path to actually landing him as a customer!

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