How We Work

Wondering What It’s Like To Work With A Law Firm Marketing Company Like Gorilla?

You’re not alone!

For one, we think you’ll find that we’re a pretty nice bunch of people to work with. We believe in taking a more gradual, relationship-centered approach to everything and will NEVER try to high pressure you into anything.

Two, you don’t EVER have to sign a hefty contract to speak with one of our experts. Simply give us a call or request a complementary consultation online. We’re always happy to help!

How We Work

And How To Get Started…

STEP 1: Talk To Us

Contact us for a brief, stress-free review of your current and on-deck marketing efforts and one of our legal marketing experts will let you know how we can help. No obligation, no pressure – just great ideas for improving your firm.

STEP 2: Discover Your Options

Let’s face it: It’s always easier to make smarter marketing decisions once you know all your options. After you talk to us, we’ll prepare you a tailor-made written report of professional recommendations and cost effective solutions.

STEP 3: Get A Plan

Once you decide what options make the most sense for your firm, we’ll create you a customized, step-by-step marketing plan for success. This will include ONLY what you need!

STEP 4: Grow With Us

Next it’s time to hit the ground running with an expert by your side to lead the way, manage your projects and analyze your results with you each month to make strategic decisions for continued growth.


Get Started Today!

We don’t like to brag (it’s the hard-working Midwesterner in us), but there’s no better reason to get started and partner with us for the long-term than this:

Every single Law Firm that we’ve worked with in the last year has more than doubled their intake in the past 6 months.


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