Law Firm Marketing Google Reviews

Online reviews have become something of a gold standard when it comes to law firm marketing. Potential clients go online to find the legal services they need, and the first-hand information shared in reviews can be extremely compelling. After all, here are people who’ve already employed the legal services sought, and they have information to share. In short, reviews are an excellent addition to your digital marketing campaign, but you may not know how to go about obtaining positive reviews other than sitting around and waiting for them to happen. Never fear, there are things you can do to up your review game.


A tip to the wise before we get started – while you can solicit reviews at the outset from satisfied customers for Google, Yelp’s Terms of Service don’t allow such solicitation.


Reach Out to Satisfied Clients from the Past

Think about those clients that obtained a favorable outcome and that you know were satisfied with the legal services you provided. These clients are a great resource for online reviews. Have the members of your firm who worked most closely with the clients in question reach out by phone or email and ask if they’d be willing to leave an online review for your firm. You probably even have a pretty good hunch about which clients are most likely to follow through with the request and whose reviews are apt to be the most persuasive. Let’s face it, you get to know your clients pretty well, and it’s probably not a stretch to say you know who your best bets are regarding online reviews.


Put Your Case Management Software to Work for You

Get to know your case management software – and everything that it can do for your firm. Most have an option that allows you auto email your clients after their cases have closed or settled, which you can use to ask clients to rate your firm’s work on a scale of 1 to 10. Within this setup, you are allowed to set a rating threshold that, if met, will automatically prompt those clients to explore further options, such as leaving reviews on sites like Google and Yelp. In other words, it will be that much easier for those clients who’ve already shared a favorable opinion to post on the sites where their reviews can really make a difference.


Ask Nicely

If yours is a personal injury law firm, consider asking your clients for a review when they’re happiest with the results and most amenable to gushing – when they receive their settlement checks. If it’s feasible, you might even consider dropping the checks off at their homes – when their laptops are nearby and they have something tangible to be grateful for. You provide your clients with a valuable legal service, and there’s no shame in strategizing a bit about how to maximize their review potential. If they’re truly satisfied with your firm’s work, they’re doing other potential clients a favor.


Think Outside the Box

As a legal professional, you naturally work with a variety of other professionals, including:


  • Forensic accountants
  • Expert witnesses
  • Investigators
  • Process servers


While this tactic should be used sparingly, if one of these professionals shares a genuine appreciation of your work, an honest review penned in their own voice – from a business-to-business perspective – can be very effective.



Your staff is in constant communication with your clients – they build strong and enduring relationships that don’t disappear the moment the case is finalized. These relationships are genuine. You can build review incentives into your staff’s relationships with your clients, and it’s an excellent way to generate positive reviews. One method of doing so is by making positive reviews part of staff performance evaluations and building a bonus around it.

For example, those staff members most closely involved in a case that’s just ended can call the client to discuss his or her overall experience and to inform the client that the staff member’s performance evaluation is predicated partially on reviews. Many clients are happy to oblige, and if your staff member follows up with an email containing a direct link, it can seal the deal.


Positive Online Reviews Improve Your Digital Marketing Game

When it comes to law firm marketing, you can write as many pretty words as you’d like, but if you don’t have reviews from real clients to back them up, they may lack gravitas. The legal marketing experts at Gorilla Webtactics have significant experience helping firms like yours improve their online presence and increase their customer reviews. Call us today at (612) 400-7060 or contact us online to schedule a complementary strategy session with a member of our team.