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Why Us?

  • Tried and Proven Strategies

    All of our strategies have been tried and proven. We’ve figured out exactly what works so that we can help you hit the ground running and start growing now!

  • No Long Term Commitments

    All of our contracts are month-to-month. We won’t lock you into a long term contract so that we can keep personalizing your service as you grow.

  • Exclusive Service

    We won’t work for your competition – NO questions asked! That way we can help you grow and become the largest firm in your marketplace as possible.

Our Services

Over the years we’ve mastered the art of helping
law firms grow bigger using the internet based on a
considerable amount of facts and data. As a result,
we’ve strategically tailored our services to the four
main things that we know every firm needs to grow.






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About Us

Gorilla Webtactics is a niche growth marketing agency that specializes in exclusively helping criminal and foreclosure defense, family law, injury and bankruptcy law firms.  We work with managing partners and owners of practices with between 2-11 attorneys in highly populated cities who are looking to grow their revenue at least 30-40% within this next year.

If this sound like you or someone that you know, give us a call at 612-470-9877  now or request more information online.


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